Why Cats Bring You Dead Animals.

Why Cats Bring You Dead Animals. Cats are natural hunters and instinctively need to hunt in order to provide food and essentials for surviving.

When a cat brings you their prey, they consider you a part of their family since they treat their family as they would any other prey animal.

Because cats have such highly developed instincts, what they’re actually doing is trying to help you survive by passing on important hunting skills to you that will sustain you through unforeseeable hardships during difficult times ahead.

Why Cats Bring You Dead Animals

Cats have a thing for mice. They often hunt them down, sometimes on purpose and sometimes by chance. The thrill of the hunt is what drives your cat to enjoy playing with their prey before they make it go away forever. While cats’ hunting habits may be disagreeable, the way they play with their victims has its rewards: Cats ingest valuable proteins and fat during this phase. It’s definitely not a pretty sight, but you should let your kitty live in peace so she can enjoy her pastime.

Kitty DNA

Your pet cat is not a cold-blooded killer. To clarify, despite their ferocious reputation, house cats are domesticated animals.

Due to their ancestors’ natural hunting instincts, domesticated cats sometimes exhibit behavior like pouncing and swiping at fictitious prey. It’s the thrill of the hunt that gets them going.

Ultimately, after catching a good meal stalked earlier, cats will then bring it home to a place of safety.

For example, your pet may retreat back to his den or if he’s started getting really bold to your front porch where he feels safe eating his “catch” in peace without being bothered by other critters stealing his food.

Do Not Be Angry

We all love our beloved pets. However, when your cat gives you a dead animal as a gift please keep in mind that he’s just trying to show you his affection for you. On the other side, what he does not understand is why this behavior frightens you.

Prey Catching Behavior

Even though cats have been domesticated for so many years, they still possess a powerful hunting instinct that can come in handy during pest control.

However, the average cat owner is not likely to be pleased by this behavior since the gift of their kitty’s kill may be disturbing to find.

Whenever wild or domesticated cats catch their prey, they bring it back to their ‘pack’ for various reasons including pain relief and sexual activity.

Hunting Instinct

When cats bring you a dead animal, remember that they are likely doing it out of respect for you as well as submitting themselves to your authority.

It’s in their nature to hunt but also train. They believe that by presenting dead animals to you, you will learn how to do the same.

The most fundamental motivation behind this behavior is family bonding they want your respect and attention in order to show loyalty and affection in return.


No matter the toys you select, it is important that you take time to play with your cat daily to help them get exercise. Daily playing helps your cat stay active and less likely to attack people or other animals in the home because they are already tired.

The two of you can have fun together by playing with toys that err on the side of what keeps them entertained. For example, there are various cat toys or even lengths of string.


In summary, cats are mythical creatures that are very clever. Some call them graceful, some call them stylish, but not many can deny the fact that they are expert hunters. That’s probably why they love bringing you dead animals as a gift. While it may be hard to believe, they’re doing this because they believe hunting is fun and want to share the experience with you. It may leave a foul taste in your mouth to have a dead animal around the house all day but it’s important not to get caught up complaining about it rather focus on the good times instead just imagine how cute kittens look when they play with their toys.

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