Why did my parakeet die.

Why did my parakeet die. I lost my parakeet today. It was fine yesterday, but it seemed like it wasn’t eating anything. I watched the parakeet for about two or three hours to see if maybe it would eat something, anything at all. Unfortunately, that parakeet died without me knowing why.

The parakeet didn’t seem sick whatsoever yesterday; there were no signs of illness whatsoever. But again, the parakeet did not seem to be eating, and sadly died overnight (or sometimes at night).

Why did my parakeet die

Cockatiels do not live very long at all. Some die suddenly or overnight, some from exposure to fumes from cleaning products, non-stick cookware, cigarette smoke, and air fresheners can prove deadly. Cockatiels die of thirst in less than 24 hours and heat exposure without shade or water can expedite this.

I realize now that this is the reason parrots live longer than parakeets

Parrots are able to eat more types of foods other than just seeds! Seeds are fine as a treat every once in a while but should never be the parakeet’s main food source. I also figured that parrots are able to live longer because of the fact that they are domesticated animals, which parakeets are not commonly bred as.

This is why parrot deaths seem much more mysterious than parakeet deaths

parrots have a wider range of foods they can eat and thus can live much longer. The reason for this is that parrot owners will take them out of their cages to interact with them and play with them during the day, while parakeets do not experience such luxuries.

All in all, parakeets need to be taken care of much differently than parrots: since they cannot eat anything except seeds and maybe fruits or vegetables once in a while, they cannot live any more than 15-20 years. This is mainly because parakeets are not domesticated animals and thus do not have the same protein intake parrots do.

This is why parakeets die much more quickly than parrots: parakeets need to be fed nothing but seeds all day every day, while parrots can eat veggies with their regular diet of seeds which make them healthier in the long run.

My parakeet died overnight without any signs of illness or injury whatsoever. It just decided that this would be its final resting place– why? I’m sorry little buddy, you deserved better than this! Rest in peace, my little friend.

Parakeets cannot eat anything other than seeds, parrots can. parrots are domesticated animals parakeets aren’t. parrots have a longer lifespan because of this. parakeets don’t get the same protein intake parrots to do and thus live much shorter lives (15-20 years).


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