Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens.

Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens. Your pet knows that she lives with you and wants to ensure that her kittens do too, and this is where your kitty tries to get her babies used to you.

She does this so that they will be as comfortable living with you a human as she is.

Why Do Cats Bring You Their Kittens

Kittens aren’t able to fully take care of themselves. They are fragile, but they do have one thing going for them: their mother. Kittens are incredibly vulnerable to predators and this is why their mother will often move them to a safer den or even cover them with her own body in order to protect them from harm.

But as your business grows, you’ll notice that your product becomes less vulnerable and that you may no longer need the same protection as a kitten, in fact, the best way for a kitten to be protected is by having its own mother.

She Needs Help

Cats are more maternal than most people know. Kittens that were orphaned during the same time period would typically be joined together for warmth and to provide comfort for one another as if they were a family unit.

One of the biggest challenges with bringing up orphaned kittens is getting them used to human contact since, in the wild, cats often take care of their kittens alone and away from other wildlife.

A baby cat’s mother will feed them, clean them, and teach them about how to survive in that environment but domesticated cats can sometimes struggle to teach children about how to behave in society if they have had no experience themselves.


Even more, the reason that your cat loves you is that your home has become her territory.

Cats are often territorial and prefer to survive on their own, but in the domestic environment you’ve settled into, there is a surplus of resources.

As a result, your cat likes doing what she can to bring her family together – hence creating an indoor community where plenty of other four-legged creatures lives so as to keep the peace.

What Made a Stray Cat Bring Her Kittens To Me?

Your cat is likely to bring her kittens to you as soon as she finds a safe place for them.

This is a very important moment for you and them because it means the little ones are slowly growing up and learning their way around their new world.

Because they are still too young, it’s best if they stay with their mother so please make sure she doesn’t have to leave the kittens alone by themselves for extended periods of time.

Other than that, just continue giving her enough food, water, and love so she decides to trust you with them.

Will My Cat Let Me Touch My Kittens?

If it’s your cat, she is probably used to you, so probably won’t mind if you pet her kittens.

If she isn’t used to you and is a stray or one you’ve had for a shorter period of time, don’t go near the kittens unless your cat is completely fine with that.

Are Kittens Protected By Cats?

Mother cats can feel extremely protective and may develop hair-trigger tempers within their own territory.

If any outside forces appear to be threatening her litter, she will do whatever it takes to provide a safe zone for them away from the hazardous area that has presented itself.

Do Cats Have a Favorite Litter Of Kittens?

Cats can be very finicky and bond to one person in particular of the many people who care for them.

Cats are also amazing communicators and gravitate towards people they can closely relate to or even understand through expressions, body language, or other forms of non-verbal communication.

Do Kittens Know Their Father?

When kittens are first born, they imprint on their fathers shortly after birth and recognize them primarily based on smell. Imprinting keeps the kittens safe.

However, kittens don’t recognize their mothers because they don’t feed or protect their young which no father would ever do.

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