Why Do Cats Like Hair Ties.

Why Do Cats Like Hair Ties. Cats are fascinating creatures, but they love to get into trouble. This is because when they pounce on an object or bat a stick around your house, it’s instinctual.

They just love to play! You see, cats are natural hunters and their curiosity leads them to hunt out their prey and hide away from predators.

Why Do Cats Like Hair Ties

If you’re a cat lover, then you’ve probably noticed that cats play with the strangest things. I mean, have you ever seen your cat get excited about chasing an empty box and wrapping themselves up in a paper bag? Cats are natural hunters, and they love to explore their environments. When they use the hair tie as a toy or when they play with paper bags around your house, it could be because cats just need to entertain themselves.

Cats Eat Hair Ties

It is extremely rare for a cat to eat a hair tie and most typically cats find it distasteful. If your cat does swallow a hair tie accidentally, there’s no need to panic, because as long as your kitty is eating and drinking normally, then they should be fine.

Simply keep an eye on them until they pass the hair tie which could take up to a week depending on how long the hair tie was.

The only exception would be if the kitty is vomiting or has stopped eating and/or drinking along with showing other similar signs like not using their litter box or excessive meowing in distress.

Cats Chew Hair Ties

Well, like anything, there’s a chance that it could make its way through your cat’s intestines and out the other end.

It’s more likely to happen with synthetic hair ties, which is why we recommend you don’t use them around the house or anywhere near your cat.

If you’ve got an important show at work and you want to keep those ponytails fresh throughout the day, we recommend having some of these cute little clips in your bag instead.

Why Does My Cat Eat My Hair?

Many cat owners have actually had an experience with their own cats similar to this one where the feline has ingested a hair tie or a string because it isn’t accustomed to non-food items.

One reason behind this is that kittens and young cats tend to try out all sorts of junk while they’re in their play years, and sometimes they don’t stop even when they grow up.

Are Hair Ties Good For Cats?

Yes, duck necks are dangerous to cats because they are toxic and can be deadly if ingested. Duck necks and rubber bands dangle attractively from doorstops but if you’re not careful your pet might accidentally choke on one because of their attractive smell, chewy texture, and wiggly nature.

Is Playing With Hair Ties Safe For Kittens?

You might be wondering why your cat would eat hair elastics. One common reason is the fact that they have a scent that your cat’s well-tuned nose can pick up on.

Cats like to eat things made out of plastic because it doesn’t give them indigestion, but eating elastics just isn’t healthy for your feline friend and it’s best not to treat them as toys.

Why Is It That My Cat Tries To Eat My Hair?

Kittens will sometimes try to savor the tantalizing taste of your hair. This behavior is normal if occasional or small, just be sure they don’t get too carried away with it!

One theory is that this is a way for kittens to release their stress, as they would tend to do so by chewing on stuffed animals. Additionally, it has been suggested that kittens do this to mark you as one of their owners.


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