Why Do Cats Like Paper.

Why Do Cats Like Paper. According to scientists, paper is a good insulator and that’s why cats prefer sitting on it to get warmer than they are or their surrounding environment.

This is another example of attention-seeking behavior by cats in which they might climb up on the desk you have your work on and lie underneath your pen to make sure that you acknowledge their presence and give them attention.

Why Do Cats Like Paper

It’s no secret that cats have preferences when it comes to paper. In fact, they can be seen rolling or sitting on it, shredding, lying on top of, and sometimes even eating it. One attempt to provide them with a comfy cat bed is usually met with them choosing the box or paper that you’re working on. And yes, cats always seem to choose to lie right in the middle of whatever papers you’re trying to work on.


Well, there’s no doubt that our pets love to sleep on paper.

This could be due to the insulating properties of paper or even its resemblance to a swarm of trees during a lazy summer day.

Regardless, paper is warm for cats, helps regulate their temperature, and reflects their body heat so chances are your cat will prefer sleeping on paper instead of a concrete, hardwood, or tile floor.

Perhaps you’ll also notice that pets seem drawn to fluffy carpets too – but only when they are warm or being walked over before any pet decides it’s time for some mindless napping.


A lot of behaviors in cats can be attributed to curiosity. For instance, why a cat might suddenly lie on top of a piece of paper.

It’s because they are enticed by something out of the norm and want to discover what it is that has caught their attention.

Rather than distracting them, attract your pet’s attention to the paper instead, as he is likely to approach it almost immediately and carefully take in what it is all about by sniffing, licking, or carrying on top just for the sake of being nosy.

Paper Crazed

Not every cat enjoys a personal playhouse, and if your pet doesn’t currently have access to one, wrapping some paper around it can provide the next best thing.

Not only that, but some cats seem naturally attracted to paper regardless of whether or not it’s being used for its intended purpose.

What could be behind this affinity for paper? Some theorize that cats are in fact drawn to the high-pitched sound made when shredding paper.

Others believe they simply enjoy the rough feel of crumpled-up newspaper or gift wrap lining their new digs – much like an expensive carpet might feel good on human toes.

Seeking Attention

Clever kitties, these felines. They’ll do anything to get your attention. This does not mean that cats should serve as a substitute for looking at a newspaper or paying your bills.

Cats are smart animals and if they catch you responding to papers being sat on, they may repeat this behavior in the future. And I’m sure you can imagine why. Cats love attention.

So much so that they will chase red lasers projected onto the wall, play with paper, and have even been seen pretending to be asleep just so that people will pet them.


Why Is My Cat Obsessed With Paper?

Cats are both amicable and energetic creatures, with the natural tendency to play, hunt and a need to be treated affectionately. Naturally, they enjoy getting some paper around them as well.

It immediately grabs their interest and stimulates them to go hunting. Therefore keep your cat engaged with paper supply lying around in the house for a maximum fun activity.

Is it OK for Cats to Play With Paper?

Of course, it’s perfectly fine to give your cat a paper bag or cardboard box so they can have fun customizing them with toys and treats like Christmas paper, shoeboxes, and yarn.

Just double-check that you’ve removed any tape or staples beforehand so that your cat won’t choke on them. You can always add a scent-sible adoardent like silvervine to keep the kitty occupied for hours.

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