Why Do Cats Pant In The Car.

Why Do Cats Pant In The Car. Cats, unlike dogs, do not appreciate vehicle journeys. On the contrary, they despise automobile journeys and become agitated if forced to undergo one.

They may demonstrate this by meowing loudly, pacing, or drooling. Their discomfort intensifies during a car ride and their agitation seems to increase over time.

While cats tend to dislike traveling by car or any kind of vehicle for that matter, they have been known to adjust easily when the trip is short and uneventful.

Why Do Cats Pant In The Car

Dogs pant in cars as a stress response. Oftentimes, this may be due to being hot. But it can also be a sign of anxiety and irritation too. If you leave a cat in a car on a hot summer day and it’s very likely going to pant in order to try and regulate its body temperature and cool itself down. Just like dogs, the panting will often resolve on its own. Especially when the car becomes mobile again.


When cats get stressed, they might start panting. But if your cat keeps excessively panting even in the cool air of your car, you might notice them drooling or even vomiting.

If this is the case, it’s important that you take your cat to the vet right away. But before we talk about animal panting and car sickness.

let’s see when it’s typically considered normal for kitties to start panting during a trip as well as some things you could try in order to make sure your feline friends are more comfortable on the go.


Aggressive driving in a vehicle causes cats to get carsick. This can result in nausea, disorientation, and other injuries such as seizures.

Therefore, national animal rights groups have pushed for the states to pass legislation that makes it illegal for animals to be on board during aggressive driving.

Respiratory Infections

Feline viral rhinotracheitis and calicivirus, or FVC and FCV respectively, are two of the main viruses that cause feline respiratory infections.

Most of such infections stem from these two viruses. Chlamydophila felis is one species of bacteria that causes respiratory problems to cats, while Bordetella bronchiseptica is another.


Some of you have probably noticed your cat panting after a long play session, but kittens are prone to overexerting themselves through exercise or if they get the zoomies.

When my cats play with each other, they can spend more than half an hour running up and down the house, climbing up their cat trees and bookcases until they become tired.

When one of them goes to drink some water, that’s when I know that their games are over. Your kitty might be similar, but instead of immediately hydrating themselves, they start panting.


Why Do Cats Get Stressed In Cars?

Cats can be a lot like people. They like to have their own space, and they don’t always appreciate having that space invaded especially if someone is moving them to a new place.

Also, if they’re not very social, they are often anti-social and grumpy, which could be a result of not feeling quite at home in their current surroundings.

Final Words

One of the most common reasons that cats pant is because they’re hot. It could be partly because of how their fur coats are made; it could be at some point because their surfaces are trying to release excess heat for thermal comfort or an even more practical reason like staying cool inside a car on a sunny day. In this case, as owners, we’ll know what causes this response and hopefully, react accordingly which almost certainly means getting our cat out of that stuffy environment.

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