Why Do Cats Run Sideways.

Why Do Cats Run Sideways. Cats have their own curious way of doing things that you may or not be able to fully comprehend.

When kitties are feeling playful and no longer interested in the toys under the carpet, they’ll often resort to running back and forth sideways.

Sideways running is often interpreted as jumping from side to side. Cats do this because it helps them get your attention if you ignore them when they meow at you – though it will only work if you’re a pushover.

Why Do Cats Run Sideways

Cats are unique and quirky creatures who enjoy doing things that are out of the ordinary. If they pick up a scent they love, they will often rub their face against objects to see if it is still there or to mark over the object with their own smell! They also have excellent senses of hearing and smell, yet neglect one so important we humans have them mostly covered; our sense of sight.

By not always needing us to follow after them all the time, cats also manage to get exercise just from playing in order for them to stay healthy and fend off disease.

In Fun

When cats run sideways, feeling playful, it’s likely that we have caught them in the middle of some mischief-making.

When we notice our cat is running sideways and being a little silly, we need to get down on their level and interact with them.

This can prove to be very enjoyable for both you and your pet as they oblige by playing much more.

It could be one of two things either a challenge has been initiated or your cat is feeling rather nervous or threatened possibly by an outside source in its environment.


The sideways run isn’t just all fun and games. It can also be the sign of a frightened or startled cat. Making oneself look bigger is an extremely common trait in the animal world and our cats are no different.

There are many ways that humans have adapted this unusual behavior including making themselves look larger in a confrontation such as widening one’s stance or standing tall with shoulders back.

Unlike bigger cats that dominate the top of the food chain, our house cats are comparatively quite small which means they need to use every trick in the book to look large and even some tricks to make predators completely uninterested in them.


Sometimes your cat has too much energy. Perhaps they slept for most of the day or were unable to play with their newfound friend.

Your cat is just like you. If they don’t get some time to relax every now and then, everybody involved might feel overwhelmed.

When your cat decides to take action even though maybe at an hour where you may be heading for bed, try getting him involved in his favorite toy or game to help him unwind at night and make sure to praise him so he knows that this behavior is allowed.


A cat can misbehave in a number of ways, by standing sideways and often dancing around to try and get your attention.

They tend to do this when you’ve come home after being gone all day and they begrudgingly let you know they need some love or cat food.

Is It Normal For Cats To Run Sideways?

Cats can run sideways or for that matter, walk sideways as well. It is not unusual to see a kitty doing this and you may wonder if it’s because she’s moving out of your way.

But actually, it could be just the opposite. She may do it when she’s feeling proud and happy while strutting her stuff.

You might notice cats doing this while playing with other felines in order to communicate their intentions which could mean playtime is on the way.

Why Do Cats Arch Their Backs And Run Sideways?

Cats can jump up to seven times their own height in a single bound! This is because the world is a strange place for them with many dangers lurking around every corner.

To avoid getting eaten by another larger cat or other predators, cats might jump sideways to quickly get away from these dangers.

When this happens, you’ll notice some arched back muscles that are meant to make the cat seem larger when it jumps to make itself appear more threatening if its predator continues pursuing it any further.

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