Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Face Down.

Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Face Down. Cats are creatures of habit. They like to sleep in specific positions, to the point where most habits become a problem for the cat especially.

If it is caused by health issues and can lead to adverse conditions such as head pressing if not treated quickly.

On the other hand, sleeping with their face down is also a kind of habit that cats do every day. Noticing and knowing the difference between normal cat behavior and that which is clearly abnormal is vital to your feline’s health and well-being.

Why Do Cats Sleep With Their Face Down

Often, you will find your cat sleeping face down on the floor. One of the main reasons why they might do this is because they want to keep their nose out of the cold. As one of their extremities, it’s common for them to be especially sensitive to where the temperature of their surroundings are at, and since their nose is right in front, they often feel sensations that other parts of the body may not pick up on as readily so they stay away from the chilly breeze by sleeping with their face protected.

Because Of The Cold Nose

The most common explanation for why your cat might be sleeping in this position is that their small nose is as cold as a human finger.

Cats are slightly warmer blooded than humans, so they naturally like to snuggle up in warm spots throughout the house.

My cat’s favorite sleeping spot is to be near to the heater, or on a hot summer day, I’ll find her outside soaking in the sun since their musculature is so warm that it helps their body get nice and cozy.

The cold commonly affects a cat’s nose and the tips of its ears because they are one of its extremities.

Block Light

When we feel exhausted and drained, there’s nothing better than letting our mind and body be at peace.

That’s why the idea of curling up in bed with a very comfortable quilt and pillow and wrapping yourself up in it so nicely you barely want to move sounds so good.

Lie down on your back or side, cover yourself as much as possible without suffocating, fall into that state of deep relaxation, let your thoughts wander.

Head Pressing

Now, it’s important to note the difference between “head pressing” behaviors and sleeping facedown.

A cat’s sleeping position may naturally be facedown but if you notice your feline friend proactively pressing their head against a solid surface like wall.

Chairs, or even the floor or sofas it could be indicative of a severe underlying medical condition involving the liver and brain.

Why Do Cats Put Their Heads Down?

Cats are affectionate animals. They were made for companionship, and when you see how relaxed a cat becomes after being petted or stroked, it’s clear that the purring is one-way cats appreciate your company.

You’ll know this feeling if you’ve ever been the recipient of a “head bow.” A cat will press its head against yours because it’s a special display of affection and trust.

Final Words

It’s best not to get too excited about a sleeping cat because an awake cat may look cute but most everyone understands that they can also be unpredictable and sometimes even dangerous. So when you see your feline friend in any of the following sleeping positions, make sure to stay cautious as it could indicate some form of pain or discomfort.

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