Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet.

Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet. While many dog owners enjoy it when their dogs lick their feet, there are a few good reasons why dogs may look at your feet as the ultimate treat or toy.

With this being said, let’s take a moment to learn more about why do dogs lick your feet and what is the reason behind this.

Why do dogs lick your feet

Dogs will lick your feet to express that they belong to you and love being that way. One time I was visiting the zoo, when a dog came up to me and started licking my shoe. It didn’t surprise me, because I could feel he loved being there and he couldn’t get enough attention from me. He essentially wanted some of my affection in the best way that he knew how by licking my shoes lol! So if your best friend keeps nudging at your leg or licks you with her tongue then don’t worry she merely wants not just love but a little scratch as well.

To start with, one of the more common reasons that you might notice is that they simply see this as an opportunity for them to have some fun or get a tasty reward from their owner.

If you have been giving your pet dog some treats whenever he does something good then he will often automatically associate those actions and behaviors with positive results and rewarding experiences.

This means that your dog sees licking your foot as a way of getting something that he wants or sees as valuable, which is to say that it’s just what dogs would do.

Normal Behaviour

Another common reason why your pet dog might be licking your feet is that this has become part of their normal behavior patterns around you.

Pet dogs are by nature pack animals, and the “pack instinct” may lead them to try and mimic behaviors they see in other members of their “pack.” Since your dog sees you as his leader, he thinks that licking your feet is acceptable behavior.

So instead of taking things personally around this issue, it can sometimes simply be effective to remind him who the leader is so he knows how to act appropriately.

While these are two very common reasons behind why do dogs lick your feet, there are actually some other reasons that you might notice as well. For example, your dog may be licking your feet if he is too warm and sees this as a way of cooling down.


Another reason why dogs might lick your feet is that they have some wounds somewhere on their bodies, and the foot is the closest thing available to them at the time.

This will often lead to them licking their paws or even simply licking you since it’s part of an overall desire to get better.

It’s also important for dog owners to remember that dogs are individuals with their own personalities, so not all behaviors are going to be exactly alike.

While most dogs will likely display the same types of behaviors when dealing with these issues, there are always going to be a few outliers here and there.

For example, some dogs may lick your feet simply because they like the taste of them and see this as a way of getting their fill, or because they like rubbing their bodies against you to leave behind the scent from their paws.

To summarize, while it is often cute when our dog licks our feet

There are actually several reasons why do dogs lick your feet such as – Dog’s seeing licking your foot as a fun activity or an opportunity for rewards – Dogs thinking that licking your feet is acceptable behavior around you – Because he is too warm – Certain medical issues can lead to dogs licking your foot so having your dog checked out by vet is recommended!


Why Do Dogs Lick Your Feet. Dogs lick feet for any reason. Make sure you know the most common reasons behind it. Keep your dog healthy by taking him/her to vets regularly.

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