Why Does My Cat Attack My Hair.

Why Does My Cat Attack My Hair. Cats can easily be attached to their owners because they are living organisms and animals that innately yearn for love and comfort.

Not only that, but cats also can exhibit this desire even stronger when they feel insecure from life changes such as a change of address or the death of a pet relative.

Why Does My Cat Attack My Hair

Cats are complex animals. In many ways, they’re misunderstood we think of them as finicky and aloof, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Cats are actually extremely loving creatures, but they express their affections in a multitude of ways that might seem strange to us. One way cats tend to show love is through grooming when your feline companion is enthusiastically using its tongue to clean off your hair, for example, it’s more than just hygiene.

Smell Good

Your cat is fascinated by your great taste in shampoo but might not know how to express his interest.

While smells probably aren’t the sole driver for your cat’s behavior towards your hair, it helps that a particular area of you and the rest of his environment smell very different.

Compared to the rest of your house, he probably really enjoys exploring you because in comparison you have a much more interesting scent.

Stress Reduction

If your cat is nervous, afraid, or depressed, the best thing you can do is to be available and help her. Often cats deal with their problems by showing affection.

It can make them feel better. Your pet might touch you as a way to express love; it’s a welcome gesture if it does not disturb you and happens only occasionally.

But if it continues more often or becomes the rot regularly consider any condition that might be stressing your cats.


Cats naturally want soft things. It is their natural environment after all, and usually, this means your bed or wherever you happen to be when you’re spending time with them especially if there’s a warm spot to sit in.

You might even consider it normal when a cat makes itself comfortable on your lap and enjoys getting groomed by you although some cats will never be satisfied with that.


When your cat is chewing on her hair it usually means that she’s either having a bad day or you’re about to leave for a while.

But more often than not it indicates that something stressful just happened such as being triggered by another pet or even an unsuspecting child.


Your kitty may be attracted to the taste of your scented hair products. If this happens, we suggest you change your hair product or fragrance to something less alluring for feline friends, such as an unscented variety.

Cats generally have a dislike for citrus scents so experts generally recommend orange flavor if the cat’s behavior is starting to get frustrating.


When a pet cat first contracts hair chewing, it can be perfectly normal. Cats often chew on one another’s fur during grooming or play.

A restless kitten also may have an instinctive need to chew in order to mark its territory, especially if it has been removed from the litter and is no longer with its mother.

You will know this has changed when your kitty becomes compulsive about chewing. In other words, there’s nothing that can distract the cat from what he’s doing at the moment.

You may even have noticed that socks or towels have disappeared then reappeared later looking as though your household pet has grown noticeable claws.

Why Is My Cat Staring at My Hair?

Don’t worry it happens to the best of us. Kirby-Madden suggests that if your cat has marked you with her scent, you can remove the smell by washing the spot with baby wipes or a pet odor remover, available at pet stores.

Don’t worry about being attacked though, she says. If your cat is huffing, it’s likely because she is thinking she’s going to play and wants you to join in.

You may notice this behavior when your kitty goes up to something or someone new too she could be telling them I’m not sure what I think of you yet.

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