Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks. Common behavior in some cats is wool-sucking, or their tendency to suck on fabric like socks.

This can also be attributed to a predatory instinct present in certain species of felines where the sock is being used as a replacement for prey that has been killed and brought back.

Why Does My Cat Bring Me Socks

Cats have often been regarded as one of the most graceful creatures of nature. But there are times when some cats may seem to be a bit weird in the head or in this case, paws. Vets have noticed that many cats seem to be picked up a strange habit the habit of carrying socks around their owners’ homes and sometimes even outside.

For Help

Experts propose that cats bring “gifts” to their owners because they would like to help them learn how to hunt.

It was observed known that spayed female cats were more likely to bring “presents” like mangled rats and this may be due in part to instinct.

Their ancestors had once taught their young how to eat by bringing home their prey, but domestic cats still possess the instinct and since.

They do not have their young to teach hunting skills they turn to their owners instead and since your cat stays indoors, items like socks are usually accessible and their next options instead of dead prey.


Cats bring us gifts of their prey that they’ve killed. After killing a mouse, for example.

Some people say this is our kitty’s way of showing affection since it was hunting in our general vicinity and supposedly enjoyed taking down the prey.

Feline Retriever

According to Hartwell, this was most commonly seen with wool socks, with some cats even pulling them out of the washing basket.

Certain cat breeds were also shown to have a higher chance of being feline retrievers.

Siamese cats were shown to be more inclined to desire to play fetch in a 1990 informal poll, with 35 of the 50 fetching cats being from oriental breeds. So, the next time your cat delivers you a sock, chuck it.

For Fun

While there are plenty of reasons for why your cat does what it does, one reason may be because cats naturally express a lot of energy through play.

One example of this is that when your cat brings you things maybe it’s a sock or even their prey catch from hunting it may be to exercise you.

Cats tend to hide and carry their prey back to a more secure location in order to eat it as uninterested observers aren’t likely to disturb them while they enjoy their tasty treat.


Why Is My Cat So Fixated On My Socks?

Cats are extremely clean animals. They like everything to be in its place, which is why they groom themselves so often.

One method that cats employ to remove leaving their scent behind is through the face and facial licking.

Although it is sometimes confused with some sort of “kiss,” this type of cat behavior does mean the kitty cares about you a great deal.

Why Do Cats Like To Lick Your Socks?

In order to recognize their home, a cat uses the vomeronasal organ. This allows them to make identifications of chemicals inside the air better.

When a second scent is introduced into a cat’s environment, they may sniff frantically in order to discover what exactly it is they are smelling.

Why Does My Cat Always Bring Me Things?

Cats bring their owners toys to show them affection. Many cats are very possessive of their favorite objects and meow.

If they present an object to you, it’s likely because they trust you. As a gesture, this is quite flattering as long as the other cat doesn’t seem upset about you having that toy.

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