Why Does My Cat Drool When I Pet Him.

Why Does My Cat Drool When I Pet Him. If your cat drools when you pet him, it’s probably because he’s content.

Drooling occurs when cats are fearful or upset, although it is more likely that they are drooling because they are relaxed.

When a cat is resting and making pleasurable noises, or purring and snuggling up to you, the most likely reason for their drooling is that they are at ease in their current position while being treated by their favorite person.

Why Does My Cat Drool When I Pet Him

Though we all love cats, sometimes spittle will drop from the pet cat’s mouth. The feline may be grooming himself or could be teething. Stress and sickness can also cause drooling in kittens and older cats. A maturing cat may grow a little too fast which requires him to adjust his movements.

If your kitten is drooling, pay attention to these situations:


As a veterinarian at the Miami Herald mentions, there are a lot of reasons why cats drool. As this vet explains, many healthy cats produce drool only when they are happy.

You might notice happy drooling along with other happy behaviors like purring, rolling around, and rubbing their faces on you. Scientists aren’t sure what the purpose or cause of happy drooling is.

Dental Disease

If your kitty is suffering from a dental problem, the oral irritation may cause her to drool. Drooling can be a sign of discomfort in felines which results from gum disease and/or tooth decay.

Huge numbers of cats over the age of three are affected by gum disease while only a small number will develop chronic oral cancer, which can cause involuntary drooling.

Drooling Mean

When cats drool, this can be an indication of sickness. Sometimes excessive drooling is due to dental disease.

However, dental disease isn’t the only cause of excess drooling in cats some cats might drool more because they have oral cancer or oral inflammation caused by bacterial infections.

Unhappy Drooling

Unhappy drooling in cats, or any animal for that matter, could mean heartbreak. A cat’s licking while they drool isn’t often a sign of sickness.


But it could be if their current state is an indicator of something like poisoning and the salivation indicates that the incident may have happened recently, though it doesn’t necessarily soothe this possibility.


Being stressed can also cause unhappy drooling in cats and whatever sort of stress it is causing them to feel uneasy about themselves resulting in the unsettling condition though upset can be said for humans as well. It might simply mean grooming, maybe a bath or brushing after all.


Is It Normal For a Cat To Drool While Purring?

Some cats love to knead and purr as they would at a warm, safe spot in the sun when they were young.

While purring and kneading are some of their way of showing love, there are actually more such as their nightly cuddles, protection from dangers, and warming up cold legs. Unlike dogs, cats don’t usually drool upon seeing food.

Final Words

When your cat starts to drool, don’t check them for rabies. Usually, when cats are happy and relaxed, they drool. That’s because they’re kneading their paws and purring all of which indicate contentment. Some signs that cats get particularly bonded to other animals include nuzzling each other’s cheeks and making eyes at one another. A possible sign of stress from either a cat or dog is salivation, but this isn’t always the case.

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