Why Does My Cat Lick My Toes.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Toes. We all adore the company our pets provide, no matter what their species.

Even while writing this sentence, we’ve noticed that our own cat has been staring out at us expectantly, especially seeming to notice the irony of “expectantly” being written.

If you want your cat to give you one thing in particular and aren’t sure how to ask for it, there are a number of ways they can show you how they feel. Some cats might cuddle with you after a good scratch behind the ears or neck while others might love to chase their favorite toy.

Why Does My Cat Lick My Toes

A lot of people dislike the feeling of having their feet licked. No matter how much we try to search for reasons why a cat would offer this service to its owners, it still comes down to one thing cats enjoy doing things that humans aren’t quite sure about yet. We all know how hard it is sometimes to find a reliable publishing partner when it comes time to release your next eBook or piece of content.


It can be frustrating to realize that your cat licks you so much. However, there is a reason why they do it with such enthusiasm.

The reason why your cat might be licking you so much is that cats groom each other to show affection, and also in order to keep their fur clean of unnecessary knots and tangles.

If your cat does not only lick your hair or feet but also other things in the home like eating utensils, newspapers, or furniture for example then it’s most likely that it views you as an important companion or perhaps even a family member.

Sign Of Affection

Contrary to what some people may think, cats are a lot like dogs when it comes to showing affection.

Most times, cats won’t come up and display affection towards you until they get to know and acknowledge your presence.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that there aren’t any familiar faces in the animal kingdom which will come forward and make themselves known from the start.

Just look at a mother cat cleaning her baby or nursing it for example! This type of interaction is just as common today as it was millions of years ago.

You Taste Good

There’s no doubt that some cats love to lick their owners’ bare feet.

In most cases, this could be simply because they like the way your feet taste or smell, but it may also come down to the fact that your cat has established a preferred spot to claw and cuddle up in.

For example, if you have a cat that likes to cuddle between your legs when you sleep and your legs are facing down at the bottom of your bed then this could explain why it likes to lick the soles of your feet more than other parts of your anatomy.


If your cat is having accidents, it might also be a case of his bowel movement anxiety.

This would happen if he tends to do it more often when you leave home or something else that could cause him to feel anxious.


Why are cats so fond of feet?

If you’ve ever found your cat rubbing against the bottom of your feet or purring, you may have wondered why it’s happening.

It turns out, this is one way that they can identify and validate that you are their owner! Believe it or not, the pheromones humans secrete (which we have on our skin) can act just like catnip for them, making affectionate contact all the more fun for both parties involved.


Felines love salty things because of their taste. If you have sweaty feet and your cat licks them, it is most likely due to their appreciation of the salty taste they experience. You may even notice them licking your feet in order to identify the scent that they have come to recognize through smelling your pheromones. They may also be trying to act on their predatory instincts by chasing after you or playing with you generating excitement from the random movements that we so often associate with cats.

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