Why Does My Cat Rub Her Gums On Me.

Why Does My Cat Rub Her Gums On Me. When a cat rubs their chin against you, it is spreading the scent from its mouth on your body.

In this way, they claim you as their own. The same goes for when they scratch and gently roll around with their litter mates bonding over the similarities in each others’ scents becomes a playful ritual for cats in the wild.

By rubbing against you, your feline friend is telling you how much they care about you.

Why Does My Cat Rub Her Gums On Me

A cat will rub up against people because it’s a friendly way for them to show affection. This is because rubbing produces ‘friendly’ pheromones for cats. They use this as a way to communicate love and get comfortable with their surroundings. In most cases, it isn’t necessary to take this behavior as something negative because often, your cat simply wants to show your love and care.

Here are some reasons why they might be rubbing their gums on you learn more in our article.


In most cases, rubbing is also a sign of caring and friendly behavior and can be seen in frisky kittens who are about to play.

Frisky felines will rub against people or other pets as a way to show that they’re in the mood for playing. You might even see two cats rubbing against each other before an intense bout of feline socializing.


Cats have other ways also of calling out to their owners, especially when they are desperate for food or water. You might hear your cat meow in a bid to call you or your pet dog’s attention to an empty dish or box.

It is a form of communication that may appear violent but it is actually very gentle and loving and you will often see cats rubbing themselves on their human companions, even children when they don’t want them to leave, showing affection and love.

Dental Diseases

If your cat has suddenly started rubbing their teeth or gums on you, it could be a sign that they’re experiencing dental issues and are in pain.

Dental problems are extremely common in cats, especially older cats. In fact, studies have found that 50-90% of cats older than the age of 4 have some form of dental disease.

Because dental disease is quite prevalent in older felines, it’s important to regularly check your cat’s mouth at home for signs of infection or inflammation so you can seek treatment right away if necessary.


If a cat licks you or rubs its gums against you, this means it is showing love. This is a great thing that has to be taken into account because the cat is simply showing its love for you.

Cats tend to do this often when they are happy being in the house and around you, so it’s important to pay attention and actually become more sensitive to what your cat is doing.

Of course, if you wish to stop a cat from rubbing its gums against you, it’s okay to create distance; not only will this make your fur baby more comfortable as well, but it will also get the job done of stopping whatever behavior it was doing.


Why Do Cats Rub Side Of Mouth?

Cats often don’t spend too much time thinking about why or how they do what they do – such as using facial glands to mark their territory by rubbing objects in their domain.

If you’re able to carefully observe you’re curious creature, you’ll notice that he uses his face on both sides of the object being marked. This is no accident.


A cat’s gums are designed to keep the teeth and tongue clean, so a cat will lick or chew on anything available in order to do that. Because the act of chewing helps keep them healthy, it is important not to stop a cat from doing so, as it can cause harm instead of doing good. Cats usually show their love for someone by licking their gums against them. However, if you find yourself getting too physically close to a cat and potentially getting marked by your feline friend’s scent-marking behavior, it’s best to step away just until they calm down.

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