Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me.

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me. Although cats are often considered to be very territorial animals, this characteristic is not always a bad thing.

Behavior regarding territory can sometimes be used in a positive way. For example, when someone has lately moved into a new home, the cat knows this and may try to find another area for the both of you to live in.

The cat might feel as if it needs an alternative residence because its previous location was taken away from it.

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

Many of us know by now that some cats can be naturally mischievous little creatures and tend to get offended when we try to play with them, but then they turn around and expect us to pet them endlessly.

Personal Areas

All cats have different personalities points that can be easily seen from their appearance.

While some cats may seem more human-like and sociable, others might prefer to spend a little time by themselves. The type of cat you adopt will depend heavily on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

It’s important to choose the breed that goes along with your personality so that it feels as if you’re living with another member of your family in no time at all.

Dominant Cat

Another cause could be that your Feline is being chased by a dominant cat. Kicking your cat out from that area by an existing dominant cat makes your cat run away.

This is most likely to occur when two Felines battle, with the winner gaining the power to be dominant in that area while the loser flees.

You need to do something about this, by protecting your cat from the existing dominant one.

Fear’s Instinct

We’re so used to thinking of cats as our pets, but the process of feline domestication dates back 12,000 years.

Meanwhile, new evidence suggests that dogs evolved from wolves a more recent 20,000 to 40,000 years ago but there are no plans to study how our furry friends were domesticated since they have clearly adapted to living in human environments.

As John Bradshaw, author of the book “Cat Sense,” explains I’m not sure that cats need training. I think you either bring up a cat or you don’t.


You see, cats are easily startled and weirded out if you’re making some sounds. So make sure you don’t give the cat a reason to be scared or scary of you.

One possible reason for your cats running away is that your touch and proximity can feel threatening even if it wasn’t intended that way.

You need to gain trust from your pet, which will take time. However, once they get to know you and remember how they feel in your presence, they will begin to relax around you more readily.

Why is my cat fleeing from me and hiding?

Stashing your stuff away is something that cats are notorious for during moments of anxiety it’s their instinctive reaction to danger.

However, once your cat starts to relax and feel more contented when you go in search of where you know they’ve hidden their favorite toy or blanket then they’ll come around soon enough.

If it’s not a short-term thing then trust our instincts and get them checked out by the vet.

Why Is My Cat So Afraid Of Me?

Sudden Change or Disruption in Routine Bad habits of our own can bring in some bad habits that sneak into the daily routine of our pets.

As humans are creatures of routines too, we should expect our cats to be creatures of habit as well and just like us, any sudden change or disruption in their routine could make them very upset or even make them sick.

If you’ve recently changed any of your cat’s routines that could be the reason for her being scared of you.

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