Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs. Many people believe that folding the legs while sleeping may cause stress and discomfort, specifically to their hips and lower back.

In some cases it might be true, but only if you apply pressure on your body while sleeping in that position. This is where a cat hammock can come in handy.

It will provide support without applying too much pressure, which makes it perfect for those wanting to feel relaxed during their sleep.

Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs

Cats can be very mysterious animals. You, as a cat owner, may ask why your feline friends have different behaviors when it comes to sleeping. If your cat loves to snuggle up for a nap between your legs, you might be shaking your head in frustration at how difficult it is to rearrange yourself in bed. But for your cat, this particular position has actual logical reasoning behind it!

So, let’s find out why cats like to sleep between people’s legs.


Research has shown that instinctive feelings of vulnerability when sleeping are passed down to domestic cats and that these animals share the same vulnerable feeling when they’re asleep in their natural state, unable to fight or run if a predator were to pounce on them.

Therefore, cats search for the safest place possible to have a kip. As their owner who they love and trust, your safe space is with them.


Cats often seek to sleep in places that make them feel safe, warm, and protected. For instance, many cats who don’t like strangers wait until the owners of a house are asleep and then climb into bed with them.

Sleeping between or at your legs makes them feel as if they fit in somewhere and aren’t alone in the world. One way a cat can show you this is by being angry if you take her away from that space.


Cat’s are often territorial creatures, so you may find that some of your cats occupy the same sleeping locations all over, but that is by no means true for all of them.

If you have multiple cats at home, then there may be certain zones in your home that are claimed by more than one cat, and one cat might even decide to sleep in between your legs. They’ve left pheromones everywhere, including on you.

Keep An Eye

Like predators in the wild, cats prefer sleeping in elevated positions. A cat has an excellent view of her surroundings from atop a high vantage point, and she can keep an eye out for danger.

Likewise, lying between or on your legs allows her to view the entire room. Cats are nocturnal, meaning they are most active around dawn, so this positioning helps them sleep while still staying one step ahead of any potential threat.

Final Words

In the same way that cats like to sleep between the legs of their owner because they feel safe and secure, people who love someone dearly often prefer to sleep beside them to be close to one another. However, an alternative sleeping arrangement can also be set up for those who stay with their partner quite a lot. In this case, you could sleep in your own separate room or area and still feel warm and secure while being assured that your partner is nearby!

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