Why Does My Dog Lick His Stuffed Toys.

Why Does My Dog Lick His Stuffed Toys. When dogs start licking their toys and clothing, it may be confused with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or a fear of something else.

However, when you look at the behavior more closely and find out what has caused this unique kind of licking, it could be much less serious.

Many anxious dogs will end up licking themselves or parts of their body because they feel agitated or offer comfort during stressful times.

These signs are usually not a cause for panic and you can help your pet have better behavior by making sure it’s getting enough exercise, treats, attention, and other things that help calm them while they get used to being away from home.

Why Does My Dog Lick His Stuffed Toys

Dogs become very attached to their pet toys. When they’re getting ready for bed or simply trying to relax, they will often take a lick or two at their favorite toy. This is one usual way that your four-legged friend self-soothes during the evening hours. This makes sense seeing as dogs tend to clean themselves when they’re lay down.

Thirst Or Hunger

The cause could be that it is thirsty or hungry. This is because the door might have some moisture on it or because there are some crumbs stuck on the toy from previous meals.

These factors could contribute to its frustration when seeking access as previously stated and would be more likely if it does it more when it does not have access to water, food, and/or treats.

It could also be a sign of under-or over-feeding. It could be that your pet is not getting enough to eat in one sitting or maybe they’re eating the wrong sort of food altogether for their specific health needs and nutritional requirements as previously stated.


Puppies will explore their surroundings with their tongues and mouths long before they ever open their eyes for the first time.

Even when they’re no longer teething, your furry friend could probably use a chew toy that’ll let them get to know their surroundings a lot better.

If you have a puppy at home, there are dog toys designed especially to encourage chewing behaviors on their part so you can let them do this.


There could be a reason as to why your dog has been chewing excessively on random objects around the house.

Dogs love to gnaw on things, so if you think that he’s been chomping down on things because he just absolutely loves the taste of them, then that might be it.

I would recommend purchasing toys with treats in them for him or her to enjoy, and see whether or not he still chews on those like he did before.


Dogs love to play with their stuffed toys! Dogs spend a lot of their time licking these toys and will often get agitated licking them if they are anxious or need a distraction.

Dogs who are showing aggression over dog toys that are simply being petted should be removed from the source of their agitation, allowing them to relax and calm down.


Dogs like to pretend they’re playing, even when no one is around. Sometimes they get bored, and they just keep pretending.

One way to cure this boredom-related issue is by getting your dog some toys to chew on that are either less boring than your carpet or more exciting than your furniture.

By spending more time with them, you will essentially improve the bond between yourself and your pup as well as discard the negative emotions that may be holding him back from getting closer to his ideal which is retirement in Southern France.

Is it Normal for Dogs to Lick Their Toys?

Pairing an action with another reinforces that behavior in the brain. This is similar to linking something pleasant with an external representation of it.

Dogs associate licking with fun activities and feeling good, so they’re likely to lick things that resemble foods like toys as a means of soothing themselves when they aren’t able to do anything else that brings them pleasure or feels good.

The act of thumb-sucking itself triggers certain chemicals in the brain and reduces stress, which is why children do it.

Do Dogs Think Stuffed Animals Are Real?

While it is true that the majority of dogs have a certain fascination for stuffed animals, some are genetically predisposed to liking them more than others.

If your dog seems to obsess over his toy and suckling on it compulsively, he may be suffering from anxiety or have been weaned from his mother too soon.

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