Are peonies poisonous to dogs?

Are peonies poisonous to dogs? Dogs tend to play and chew with plants and want to discover new things by digging up plants in their house that may sometimes cause toxicity to dogs. Peonies are plants that are toxic to dogs so, if dogs eat them they may cause different health issues.

Peonies whose Scientific Name is Paeonia Officinalis belong to the family of  Paeniaceae which are greatly toxic to dogs, cats, and horses. These plants are commonly found in North America. Paeonol is a name of toxic that is available in these plants.

The clinical sign of the Peonies shows depression, vomiting, and diarrhea, and the ingestion of that plant cause decrease in energy level.

So, always avoid planting these kinds of plants from which your dogs are unsafe. But if you want to grow them then do all safety prevention like the use of fence around that plant is the best method to keep your dog away from the plants.

Are peonies poisonous to dogs?

That means the lover of the dogs has to keep their garden perfect for dogs without any plantation of plants that are toxic to dogs.

The Peonies are early spring plants that have large, beautiful, and colorful flowers but more toxicity is present in their bark that large amount may cause dog health problems.

Many types of research are available for poisonous plants which will help you to get more information about them.


Many types of the peony vary in colors but grow in the form of a tree with large bushes. These all types can live for many decades. The types of the peony are given below:

  • White color Paeonia officinalis Alba Plena
  • Pink color Paeonia Officinalis Rosea Plena
  • Red color Paeonia officinalis Rubra Plena

Causes of Peony Poisoning in Dogs

The peony has many effects on dogs due to the poisonous plants that can make the canines unwell if they ingest this plant.

The toxicity of the peony cause vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and stomach pain. So, to cure them firstly consult the vet to overcome the toxicity of that plant.

Symptoms of Peony Poisoning in Dogs

The Peonies plant has many causes with mild symptoms which are a sign of toxicity. These symptoms are given below:

  • Vomiting
  • Depression
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration after excessive vomiting
  • Little irritation of dog`s oral tissues

Diagnosis of Peony Poisoning in Dogs

If there is an abundance of peonies plants in your garden then there is a great possibility that your dog may get toxicity from that plant so, you should grow them in safe areas of the garden where your dogs can not play with these plants and never try to ingest these plants.

The effects of the toxicity depend upon the quantity of ingestion of that plant because if any dog eats more of that plant then he will experience more toxicity as compared to the experience of the dogs that eats less quantity.  If your dog comes in contact with that plant then your dog may suffer from gastrointestinal upset.

If you notice that your dog has eaten the peony plant then immediately take your dog to a veterinary visit. You have to remove the plant’s remains from your dog’s mouth before visiting the veterinary clinic. The vets will do the basic and essential checks up to diagnose the level of toxicity.

They will check the pulse, heart rate, and breath level first then they will do the urinalysis and blood work to check the effects of poisonous plants on the dogs. They will clean the stomach after palpation of the stomach area to find out the plant`s remains in the stomach.

Treatment of Peony Poisoning in Dogs

The best treatment for the peony plant is the use of the paeonol which has great pharmaceutical properties from the traditional Chinese medical field. This Chinese medicine can overcome the toxicity of the peony plant and helps the dogs to cure all gastrointestinal distress issues.

On the other hand, the vets will perform fluid therapy for the normal level of electrolyte. This therapy helps the kidney and liver to lose the effects of poison.

Antiemetics will cure the disorders of nausea and vomiting. These plants show mild nature for toxicity but the aged and ill dogs may get more symptoms as compared to healthy and young dogs.

Prevent the Risks

There are many things that will help you to prevent the risk of toxicity of the peony plant. These are given below:

  1. Grow these plants in the fence where your dog cannot enter to ingest them.
  2. Keep your dog in your monitoring if they are playing in the garden where these plants are grown.
  3. Visit and consult the vet if your dog is suffering from this plant toxicity.


As the peony plant is toxic to dogs due to its poisonous nature from all parts of the plant like seeds, leaves, flowers, stems, and roots.

If your dog eats this plant then clean its mouth with a damp cloth immediately and take them to the vet or call the pet poison helpline as soon as possible if these plants show any kind of symptom of toxicity.


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