Are Pine Pellets Safe For Cats?

Are Pine Pellets Safe For Cats? Pine Litter made from natural wood fiber is safe to use for your prized pet, as long as the pine litter has been kiln-dried.

As a precautionary measure, you should be certain to purchase pine litter only from a reputable source where quality control measures are enforced.

Pinewood shavings and pine pellet litter made from natural wood fiber will be safe for kittens and cats with a tendency to develop infections due to the fact that it is non-toxic and odor-free.

Are Pine Pellets Safe For Cats

When looking for an eco-friendly option for cat litter, don’t forget to consider using pine pellets! In fact, pine pellets are all the rage nowadays. While they may be good for absorbing that foul ammonia smell associated with cat pee while they give off a wonderful woody scent, not all pine pellets are equal when it comes to their safety. For some time now, many of you might have known that pine contains a compound called phenols and can make cats pretty sick when used in excess.

However, kiln-dried pine pellets made from untreated wood without any additives are safe to use.

Pine Pellet Cat Litter

When it comes to cat litter, pine and other wood pellets have been found to be the most effective.

When using pallets as cat litter, they tend to work exceptionally well on absorbing odors due to their porous texture plus they are very easy on the wallet compared to clay or corn cat litter.

The best part is that no one need ever take them out of the bag and put them in a bucket.

Branded Cat Pellets

Branded pine pellet cat litter is safer for cats than other kinds of litter. The manufacturers won’t use harmful chemicals in the birthing process like phenols.

Which are known to be toxic and have even caused cancer in cats at times. Powder-free litter also won’t contain harmful additives that your cats might bite into.

Equine Pine Pellets

Some owners choose to use horse bedding for their cats for two reasons. For one thing, it’s often believed that since equine bedding isn’t harmful to horses, then it wouldn’t be harmful to a cat either which isn’t accurate.

There could be hazardous chemicals present in the pellets that can harm a cat upon contact, so always check with the manufacturer to see if any additives were used to create this type of horse bedding.

Woodstove Pellets

Another option is to go for 100% natural wood pellets, which can be found at most hardware or DIY stores.

However, one should be wary if the manufacturer uses additives in their pellets, which will make them smolder better on your stove.

These can often contain chemicals that are poisonous to pet cats so always check with the manufacturer first before deciding to use these as an alternative cat litter option.


Do cats like pine pellets?

While most cats will not have a strong preference either way, the majority of cats will like using wood or pine pellets enough to use them without issue.

However, if your individual cat seems to hate one of them try not to force him to use either as this can make things worse and cause a conflict between you and your pet that is best avoided given.

How much time people spend at their jobs. Getting used to litter can take some time, but is worth it in the long run.


As you now know, pine pellets manufactured from 100% natural wood sources with no chemical additives are safe for cats! Cats do not accept sylvan pine pellets that have been treated with phenol. The same rule applies to equine bedding pellet products made from untreated wood because they can be contaminated with toxic resins and fluids.


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