Best Crate For German Shepherds.

Best Crate For German Shepherds. The German shepherd is always used for service work due to its big muscular body so, if you want your dog more obedient then you should make them more comfortable after hard work.

If you are training your dog then a dog crate is the best thing because this is the most effective method of dog training.

The best crate has the quality of good space to stand up, turn around and easily lie down.

Now, these days some crates are coming with adjustable dividers with the growth of your German shepherd.

The standard crate size is considered from 28 to 42 inches.

There are so many types of crates available in the market like wire crates, portable, furnish style, soft-sided and hard-sided.

Some of these are not suitable for German shepherds due to their big size.

But obviously, we will give you all the related information about the best crates here.

You should measure your dog`s size before buying any kind of crate.

6 Best Crates for German Shepherds

1-MidWest Homes for Pets crate

MidWest Homes for Pets Crates is the best product which comes in single as well as in a double doors, this feature of the double door gives easy access from the door.

These extra wild doors can help your German shepherd to go in and come out.

This is the best dog crate for big-sized dogs with foldable quality and not best for small German shepherd puppies due to the absence of a divider.

This double door crate comes in many different sizes according to your dog.

MidWest Homes crates are designed with reinforced locks, finished edges, and rounded corners.

This metal crate for your German provides a cozy space with proper visibility and ventilation.

You can put a dog bed in this crate to give your furry friend a comfortable and cozy environment.


  • Durable & strong

MidWest Homes for Pets Crates are designed with a durable and strong crate appearance due to this their price looks valuable.

This strong and durable crate helps pets to live comfortably and sleep well.

  • Easy to assemble & portable

You simply unfold it and set it up with no tools; to unfold it no tools are required.

These crates for German shepherds includes the crate divider panel which helps you to adjust it as your dog grows.

  • Fulfills your dog’s natural instinct to have a den

Due to the long-lasting and divider panel feature with the growth of your dog then this will fulfill your dog`s natural instinct to have a den.

This will work with your dog`s natural instinct to keep it clean that`s why this will be helpful for your German shepherd puppy training.

  • Safe and secure

These dog crates for German is safe and strong with the best locking experience which is used in it.

The wires which are used in this dog crate for German are also of good quality that can increase the level of durability.

You can also feel insecure after using this wire crate.

  • From puppy to fully grown

MidWest Homes  Crates remain good and stable during the growth of the puppy to full growth age the reason of durability and long-lasting characteristics.

These benefits enhance the sales of this product in the market.


  • Safe and modern design
  • Approved from puppies
  • More Comfortable
  • Move around easily


  • Little bit unsafe

2-Amazon Basics Dog crates

Amazon Basics Foldable Metal Dog crate is the best product due to its portable feature and this dog crate has a standard size of 24 by 24 inches that can shift into 3 different shapes like octagon, square, and rectangle with the 8 connected panels.

Some playpen of this brand is with a door and some are without a door. But here we are going to discuss the dog’s crate with a door.

This one of the best dog crates is made up of iron metal material which makes the crate a more safe and strong.

Your dog wants a good space for rest after a busy day of training so, this folding metal dog crate is useful for puppies and also for large sizes due to its open and good space.


  • Indoor/outdoor portable

If any crate can use as outdoor/indoors then this is a good dog crate and here this Amazon Basics Dog crate has this ability which makes them a more demanding product.

So, when you go to parks or any other visiting place you can easily carry your dog along with you.

  • Secure-locking slide-bolt matches

These metal crates has a den-like comfortable space with secure locking and slides bolt latches which also give them a beautiful design and structure.

So, you can secure your dog as well as this will also be used as a decoration material for your house.

  • Sets up in seconds

Amazon Basics Playpen is also known as a top housetraining tool and it will be best if this will be set up in a few seconds that is the reason this can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • 8 ground anchors

Amazon Basics Crate has the best safety structure with 8 grounded anchors this will be joined to make a different style of crates and when you do not need them then unfold them.

  • Dimensions

Amazon Basics crate is available in different sizes of dogs and its dimensions commonly are 60″ x 60″ x 28″ Round, or 48″ x 48″ x 28″ Square. Following these dimensions, it is proved that this crate is perfect for playing and comfortable sleep.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Best and perfect Maneuverability
  • For potty training
  • Well made


  • Sometimes door locks are assembled incorrectly

3-MidWest Homes for Pets Crate

MidWest Homes Crate Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, & New Patented Features in itself. 

This dog crate is also assuming a new world due to the newly enhanced single & double door and in this world; a dog can relax after the training.

This German shepherd crate is also available in one and two doors.

This large crate is beautifully designed with rounded corners, paw block, and locking tips and also with protective feet which gives them more safe and secure space and is a perfect crate.

This Dog Crate is perfect for a large breeds such as the German shepherd dogs.

This dog crate crate for a German folds down flat to make your crate easy to store away or take away. Best Crate For German Shepherd


  • Leak proof pan

This has rounded corners with a strong removable plastic tray that can easily slide out for cleaning in the wrong situation.

MidWest Homes for Pets Dog Crate have a leak-proof pan with productive feet also.

  • Updated locking system

This German shepherd dog crate has newly enhanced features which include paw block, locking clips, protective feet, and rounded clips.

In this updated locking system leak-proof pan is also included.

  • Durable & strong

If your dog`s place is not properly ventilated then this will produce humidity and non-antiseptic air which will harm your dog so for this problem we have a dog crate with a ventilation feature.

MidWest Homes Crates have a proper ventilation system with large and wide doors to create a new world for your friend.

It is one of the comfortable dog crates ideal for taller German shepherds.

  • Easy to assemble & portable

This dog crate is very easy to assemble and portable in a few seconds and then you can take it with you for traveling.

It can be flat down to from square shape now this is a thing you can take to go with you.

  • Provides a secure environment for your dog

MidWest Homes Dog Crate provides a secure environment for your German shepherd because it is covered from the sides and top so, during your dog’s sleep no one can harm your dog and this secure system gives them a good look in the house and gives proper ventilation along with the dog’s safety.


  • Safe enough
  • Easy to assemble
  • Super easy to fold
  • More Sturdiness as compared to other crates
  • Great buy


  • Bad packaging of a product

4-IRIS USA Pet Exercise Pen crate

IRIS USA Pet Exercise Pen crate is a beautiful crate of 4 to 8 Panel Sizes at one’s fingertips which gives your dog a feeling of wonderland.

It is a playpen that provides 8 square feet of play space for pets with a long-lasting material.

These German shepherd crates which is made of polypropylene resin is very durable and well made.

This dog crate has a structure that can be used or worked on inside as well as outside and can be very helpful for crate training.

IRIS USA crate is easy to assemble and fold and also great for training purposes.

Now your German shepherd has plenty of room space in which he can walk around and sleep and this has a perfect price with these perfect features.


  • Durable molded plastic

Some of the crates are made of molded plastic with durability and the IRIS USA Dog crate is one of them.

People thought that plastic is not a good and hard quality material and this is not best for crate manufacturing but this given product proves that this is not true plastic can also be used as durable and long-lasting material.

  • Small dog fence

This plastic crate looks like a small fence in this a dog can do whatever he wants.

This fence-style dog crate looks beautiful in the house it may match your decoration and use as a best furniture style crate for German shepherds.

  • Made in the U.S.A

As we know the U.S.A. is famous for the making of dog products and they never compromise on material and their quality for this reason this proves that made-in U.S.A products are the best.

  • On panels are available

These plastic crates has panels that will be joined together to make a beautiful-looking den for your dog.

These panels are also secure and have the feature of safe locking.

  • Age Range Description

This large playpen has an age range description of all life stages.

This dog crate has no roof for this reason this crate has good and proper ventilation.

But sometimes dogs would love to jump from this side and then be aware of it.


  • Safe enough
  • Very Lightweight
  • Best Maneuverability
  • Great Sturdiness
  • Rubber feet Available


  • Dog can jump out from this crate

5-Amazon Basics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate 

Amazon Basics Dog Travel Crate is designed as a mesh fiber window door for ventilation and this dog crate has a front and back zipping door for proper loading and unloading.

This product is famous for its soft-sided polyester with a strong yet lightweight frame that holds its shape.

This soft crate can easily be folded and also folds down flat for carrying and storage.

This  Dog Travel Crate would work great in apartments with limited space for crating but a dog will feel comfortable due to plenty of room inside it.

 This soft dog crate is so light that you can carry it with one hand and it is easy to clean up after a muddy walk.

These soft crates are recommended for only crate trained dogs.


  • 2 doors front and top

Amazon Basics Dog Travel Crate contains 2 doors are top door and a front door with mesh windows the front door is made for ventilation.

This dog crate for German shepherds is easy and can be folded and properly make again in seconds because of this feature it is best for outdoor use.

  • Secure zipper closure

This dog crate has secure zipper closures which help to keep zipped your dog and you can utilize this zip to clean from inside all the time.

This German shepherd’s crate is very easy to assemble and carry anywhere.

  • PVC frame and polyester fabric

This Soft Dog Travel Crate is not made up of any wires but this is made of polyester fabric with a PVC frame which gives them a hard and safe shape.

  • Recommended for medium-sized breeds

This dog crate is not recommended for the large dog due to less space but this is best for small and medium-sized dogs, you can carry your dog anywhere for traveling and this takes less time and less space to assemble in a new place.

  • Cats or kittens can use it.

As I told you this is best for small to large dogs but this is also suitable for cats or kittens because of their medium and small size.

So, for your cat’s comfort, you can also use it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold
  • Best For Traveling
  • High quality and nice design
  • Best Metal material crate


  • Little bad toward spacing

6-Carlson Pets products or Dog Crate

To feel comfortable then you should provide your dog with a place that is small, peaceful, and accessible so, the dog crate of this brand is a good alternative to a kennel for your dog.

Carlson pets products are manufacturer of gates, crates, pet pens, and pet cots and they are experts in manufacturing these products that`s why their crates for pets are secure with foldable single doors which are made of metal which means this will be strong enough.

This crate is available for all breeds of dogs like the small, large, extra large, and medium sizes.

This item has a dimension of 36 x 23 x 25 inches which provides a large space to relax and sleep.

This pet crate has a weight of 9 pounds which is easy to carry for traveling.

This crate has a very easy method of setup and this provides easy access to move in and out.


  • Dimension

There are many crates available in the markets that are different in dimensions but this crate has a great dimension of 36 x 23 x 25 which means this crate has 36 inches in length, 23 inches in width, and 25 inches in height.

A single-door crate with dimensions like this provides a great place to move around in the crate.

  • Secure and steel

This Carlson pet crate is a secure locking system because this is made of steel which is a strong material to protect all locks for a long time.

This crate is also certified by both JPMA and ASTM standards for the safety of your dogs.

Due to this safety feature, this crate is perfect for small to large dogs.

  • Removable and washable

In this crate there is a removable and washable pan so, you can easily remove this and clean it for next time use.

Due to this feature your dog can remain healthy and germs-free.

  • Foldable and travel

If you are fond of traveling and always take your dog with you then this creation is ideal for this purpose. You can easily fold it and take it for traveling.

  • Multiples breed

There are many types of breeds of dogs all over the world and all these are adopted by many peoples so, for their best family parts this crate is good and this crate is an ideal option for different breeds of large, small, and medium sizes
for example adult dogs that has weights up to 70 pounds.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to fold
  • Best for traveling
  • Great sturdiness
  • Amazing & Great with a versatile look


  • Has sharp edges
  • Not good like small kennel


Best Crate For German Shepherd. Here is a guide which could be helpful for you to choose the best crate for the dog.

I hope that it will be helpful for you because in this time of competition we have multiple crates choices for your dog in the market.

This article clearly described the need according to size, weight, style, material, design, and price for the dog owners.

All crates are good in their place one of them has a beautiful structure then some have plenty of room and some have proper ventilation.

But in our view, the first one is the best crate for a dog which is MidWest Homes for Pets crate with Single Door & Double Door Dog Crates is a crate which has many good features in beautiful design with one and two doors choice.

This is no.1 on our list due to these advantages which are safe, Modern, Puppy Approved, Comfortable, and Moving around, and helpful in-house training.

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