Can Cats See Phone Screens?

Can Cats See Phone Screens? Cats have dichromatic vision, so they can see colors, but just two colors.

With two types of cones for cats to see colors, cats see blues quite well, however, because of cats’ dichromatic vision, they are colorblind in the red-green spectrum.

This phenomenon will be noticed on a digital screen when cats watch us use our phones or laptop because the light from our screens radiates with blue light.

Can Cats See Phone Screens

Your cat can see all that stuff your company does on screens like projectors, laptops, or even your phone – it’s up to them. But because cats are obligate carnivores, their eyes are structured in a way that they’re conditioned for areas of darkness, vibrance, and contrast. They happen to be especially exceptional are seeing the blue light from computer monitors. The best way to keep your pet happy is by placing blue sticky notes in areas where they tend to rest so they have a visible “landing strip.”


The average cat can see up to 20 feet away. The ability of a cat to see further is usually limited by some type of vision impairment or age.

While the average human can see up to 100-200 feet, cats are significantly different and may not be able to see as far away as humans or dogs due to sight restrictions.

Cats Color Visual

In particular, cats have two cones that contribute about 10% to the perceived lightness of a color. Cats can distinguish blue from other colors, as well as between dark and bright shades of the same color.

However, this is a less important sense than that of smell for them. Since our eye structures are different from our cats’ eyes, their vision differs from ours.

Cats Can See What Colors

Cats are supposed to be colorblind. This means that they only see shades of gray and some colors, like blue. They may not be able to differentiate between different shades of green, red, or yellow.

That is why cats tend to have a harder time sitting close to digital screens while humans try watching TV or videos on their smartphones because most of these gadgets produce blue light, which makes them dizzy during exposure.

Phone Screens Side Effects

Stacking up videos for your cat to watch may appear to be somewhat odd from the start but it’s appealing to them.

In fact, it can help cats that don’t often go outside get their fix of chasing critters around like mice or squirrels through seeing these small animals on screen.

This is because they will be able to better figure out how they run and move so they’re ready to track them down when it comes time.

As a responsible pet owner, we want you to know how important it is to take care of both your pet and yourself by initiating playtime with your cat once in a while it can really boost a kitty’s mood after watching hours upon hours of YouTube animal videos.


Can cats see TV and phone screens?

Of course, your cat can see all the screens in your home they can even see outside if they’re close enough on a sunny day. However, with the right training and some well-placed mirrors, your cat might even be able to see themselves!

Can my cat see me on FaceTime?

Cats may not understand what’s on a phone screen completely, but they do understand their owners. After years of anecdotal evidence, researchers have found that cats do understand their owners’ voices.


Scientists either don’t know or cannot understand fully how a cat’s mind works. They believe these animals have an individualized personality, but also with behavioral characteristics like feeling insecure and even independent when it comes to their relationships with strangers. Some scientists have observed cats closely in order to study them from all angles and develop studies around their behavior that can help us learn more about their habits.

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