Can Cats Tell When You’re Sick?

Can Cats Tell When You’re Sick? Some cat lovers may say that having a feline in their home is more like raising a child than owning a pet.

After all, these felines have such an emotional range of behavior and moods; it makes sense that they would understand our thoughts.

As for whether a cat can detect if you’re sick, the answer is likely yes, due to the fact there is some compelling research that provides some clear facts about this matter.

Can Cats Tell When You’re Sick

Although it may sound far-fetched, cats are said to be able to detect sickness in humans. The reason for this is because according to scientists, cats have a better sense of smell than human beings which allows them to identify chemical and hormonal changes within the body.

Cats Illness Sense

Cats have sharp senses and can detect illnesses in humans. They have a wider range of smells when compared to that of a human, about 125 million as opposed to only 5 million.

Cats can be trained to respond to those suffering from seizures and some types of cancer. It’s thought that cats’ role in their early development was for the purpose of detecting ill members so they could be cared for.

Cats Act

During sickness, we have a higher than normal body temperature. Cats recognize this change and can often appear extra clingy, partially because they seek that boost in warmth.

Since cats form lasting relationships, your cat has a pretty good understanding of you at all times. During illness, however, your smell and body temperature are significantly different.

Your feline may not understand what you’re feeling but they do know the difference.

You smell differently when sick and feel weaker than normal Fishes don’t sense the sickness they sense our changes. Thus, while we are weak from being ill, we are wonderful for our feline pets.

When You Are In Pain

Cats can sense pain in humans the same way they feel ill. Pain tends to cause specific effects on us, such as changes in our body and behavior.

For instance, a person who is in pain can have different behavior. He can show grumpiness and even weakness.

Aside from the actions, the pain also brings changes in the body. In general, cats will try to become a lot more clingy when we experience pain and this happens because they simply want to be near us at all times however.

There’s no denying that they will want to approach you any time they detect that something’s wrong whether it’s because you’re just not feeling well or your ankle hurts.


Do Cats Get Clingy When Sick?

Some sick cats will curl up in a tight ball while others may swipe at people they don’t trust, so it’s difficult to predict exactly how your cat will behave.

Some cats may become clingier with their owners and require a lot more attention if something is wrong, whereas others may simply growl when approached or resent being brushed or bathed. Cats that are ill tend to be quieter and less energetic for obvious reasons.

Why Is My Cat Suddenly So Cuddly?

Cats suddenly become more affectionate due to anxiety. Your cat may feel insecure about a new person in the home, such as a baby or partner.

A loud noise may have spooked your cat, or it may be sick and feel afraid. Pregnant cats and cats in heat are clingy due to fluctuating hormones.

Final Thoughts

The evolutionary process has directed cats to develop keen senses of smell and touch. This has allowed them to become successful predators which they are today. For pet owners, there’s another benefit that brings many rewards beyond the happiness you feel when a feline companion curls up next to you like a gift from above. Few things can feel more comforting than having your feline companion on your lap or in bed beside you when you’re under the weather because no one understands better than he does how much you need him.

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