Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick.

Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick. When cats are sick, they sleep a lot. This doesn’t always mean that they’re feeling well, however.

Sometimes cats will change their usual sleeping position when they’re in pain or uncomfortable. They may also exhibit changes in their general sleeping habits, or spend an unusually long amount of time sleeping when normally they would be awake and active.

Regardless, you should immediately take note if you notice your kitty doing anything unusual while snoozing because it’s an indicator of a possible problem.

Cat Sleeping Positions When Sick

Cats can get into all sorts of weird positions when they’re sleeping! Just the other day, I saw my little kitten bent over backward kicking her legs in the air while lying on a corner of the couch and it was just so funny how she kept doing that. Aside from being funny though, some of these poses aren’t really good.

That’s why we have this list below to help you know if your cat is feeling ok or whether something is wrong.

Curled Up

Cats usually curl up when they sleep to keep themselves warm and cozy. If her ears are pinned forward on the head and her eyes are closed, your cat could be ill.

Signs that he’s sick may also include fast breathing, an elevated heart rate, lethargy, low appetite, and behavioral changes.

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Sleeping On Chest

Many owners are flattered when their cat curls up on their chest. Just like home heating, our bodies emit warmth as do radiators.

When a cat curls up on our chest, it touches us to know we deeply care for them and their wellbeing but just as heat in a home can pose risks to cats who may get too close or comfortable over time, so can we humans be burned by the fur of our feline friends.

It’s a good idea to grab an adorable pet bed made especially for kitties so they have a safe spot that’s away from other household hazards and is also comfy and warm.

Fetal Position

Just like the fetal position humans are prone to sometimes, it seems felines prefer to take a fetal position during the night due to being in an unfamiliar situation, or it simply being cold enough to do so.

However, this position can mean that your cat is sick and they may also refuse to have their paws touched which can be a sign of illness.

If your cat has any other symptoms that you can’t explain such as sneezing or if they won’t eat food or drink water, consider taking them to a veterinarian immediately.

Flat on Stomach

When a cat lies on its stomach, it may have a number of reasons. For pleasant reasons, it’s common for felines to stretch out and lounge about when they are feeling mildly unhappy or sometimes even as an apology if they misbehave in certain ways. But this isn’t always the case.

If your cat has one or a particular limb held up from being fully relaxed, don’t panic just yet.

This can sometimes be a reflex due to something like an object running across the floor racing towards them which means there’s reason to believe your cat is no longer in any pain whatsoever.


Is Sleeping Well For Sick Cats?

Cats are well-known for their ability to rest easy even in the most uncomfortable of places. So, if you notice your cat lying flat on one side, it’s probably in deep sleep or not feeling well.

But there are exceptions to these rules! If a cat is lying stretched out on one side and its body is bent slightly at the waist so that it looks like it’s hugging itself, it could mean it’s having difficulty breathing or that it has some sort of muscular ache.

Can Cats Sleep If They Are In Pain?

Cats may also exhibit unusual sleep patterns that indicate they’re having difficulty. If you notice that your cat spends a lot of time trying to get comfortable or sleeping in strange places, he might be in pain.

The same is true if he sleeps more or less than you’d expect him to.

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