Charlotte’s web dog chews reviews

Charlotte’s web dog chews reviews. Charlotte’s Web is a reputed company that has headquarters in Colorado it was made by the Stanley Brothers who are also known as The first family of oil. They have a great mission to make different kinds of products like CBD oil and chews.

These oils and treats are specially made for dogs only with full of nutrition and this will be properly effective for anxiety problems that are common in dogs.

This supplement chews provide your dog a proper sleep and increase your dog`s ability for good growth due to proper eating and relaxation.

The Charlotte’s Web brand helps your dog the better overall health by promoting healthy hips, brains, and joints, supporting their skin and connective tissues for better movement, holding on to the sharpness of older dog`s mental health, calming your dog in anxiety, etc.

Main Ingredients Charlotte’s web dog chews reviews

Charlotte’s Web is mainly a specialist in the making of 4 different kinds of dog chew treats that have great chicken flavor. The main and best ingredient of all these types is hemp extract with a full spectrum.

The many useful ingredients that are consumed for the making of other chew of Charlotte’s Web are valerian root, glucosamine, burdock, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA),  passionflower, chondroitin, biotin, chicken, hemp extract, and, nettles.

Overall Advantages of Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is best in these things that are:

  • They have well-off full-spectrum CBD in their products.
  • This brand is certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • They are providing organic hemp about 90% which is a great quantity.
  • If we say that this brand is trustable in the CBD market then this is not wrong.
  • They added the amazing and irresistible chicken flavor in their chews that attracts your dog the most.
  • This brand is approved by FDA because the FDA is an organization that works on the regulation regarding CBD.
  • These chews are available in the best eating size which is also a good try to make their brand attractive.
  • If you have subscribed to a save system that is provided by Charlotte’s Web then this is easy &best ordering.
  • If your dog is not fond of natural things then this is the astonishing alternative to that natural thing full of nutrition.

Overall Disadvantages of Charlotte’s Web 

Charlotte’s Web is not the best due to these things that are:

  • This brand has disproportionate packaging.
  • This brand is making products that are which contain chicken & brewers that may cause any sort of allergies.

Types of charlotte’s web dog chews

As I told you above that Charlotte’s Web is offering 4 kinds of chews these are:

  1. Charlotte’s Web Paws Calming Chews
  2. Charlotte’s Web Paws Hip & Joint Chews
  3. Charlotte’s Web PAWS Chews for Senior Dogs
  4. Charlotte’s Web PAWS Chews for Senior Dogs
  5. Charlotte’s Web Paws Calming Chews

In this chews natural power form of botanicals is added to keep your dog calm & relax. Charlotte’s Web Calming Chews has a blend of natural ingredients that are hemp extract, passionflower extract, chamomile, and valerian root to keep your best friend in a calm situation. These calming chews have lots of advantages & disadvantages.

The advantages are given below:

  • As this is effective to release anxiety in dogs.
  • The taste of this chew is very delicious and appetizing.
  • During training you can use it as a reward for better results for good behavior.
  • These chews have different packaging that contains 30 and 60 chews in them.
  • These supplements can also be good for humans with excellent value for money.
  • This chew has high-quality CBD with the best ingredients.

Disadvantages are given below:

  • The packaging does not have information about the dose so, for best results you have to experiment with dose quantity.
  • The size of chews is not enough for large-sized dogs.


This product is an extract type of Full-Spectrum with the quantity of 30 and 60 chews. This chew each bag contain CBD about 75mg and 150mg per bag with the great flavor of the chicken. This contains 2.5mg CBD per  The cost of a bag of these chews is about $0.23 to  $0.27 per mg.

  1. Charlotte’s Web Paws Hip & Joint Chews

This chew is useful for healthy joints so, the dog can easily play, run or jump. Some dogs are suffering from the bad health of connective joints and tissues so, you should give them these chews for better joint health.

These chews contain ingredients that are turmeric, glucosamine, and chondroitin. All these ingredients have the secret of great strength for the joints of pets.

Advantages are given below:

  • The ingredients of these chews provide better flexibility and movement.
  • This chew had a delicious flavor which is loved by dogs.
  • This helps to cure pain or disorders of the hip and joints.
  • This Hip & Joint Chew is great for long-lasting results.

Disadvantages are given below:

  • The packaging does not have information about the dose so, for best results you have to experiment with dose quantity.
  • The size of chews is not enough for large-sized dogs.


This product has also 2.5 mg CBD in each chew with an amazing taste. This product is also a type of Full-Spectrum with the quantity of 30 and 60 chews. This chew each bag contains CBD about 75mg and 150mg per bag according to the number of chews with the great flavor of the chicken.  The cost of a bag of these chews is about $0.23 to $0.27 per mg.

  1. Charlotte’s Web PAWS Chews for Senior Dogs

When dogs grow older these senior dogs need a proper diet for the better health of the brain, bones, and other organs. The sharpness of the mind is a great idea for the best life so, by using these chews the senior dogs can live a healthy life. The main ingredients in these chews are vitamin E, DHA, and elderberry.

Advantages are given below:

  • These kinds of Charlotte’s Web PAWS chews to keep up cognition.
  • This is useful for the all-time stress of dogs.
  • This chew bag is a source of emotional & motivational balance.
  • The great flavor of Chicken that is a time favorite of dogs.

Disadvantages are given below:

  • This product takes time to show its results.
  • You have to experiment with dose quantity.


The specification of this chews product is the same as the above chews products besides their ingredients.

  1. Skin health & allergy support chews for dogs

As your dogs are your best friends so, for these friends you always want a best so, so these chews are best for your dogs. In this chews bag, there is a great number of chews that help your dog for the prevention of allergies with skin health.

Because during allergy season many dogs suffer from skin allergies so, the ingredients in the Skin health & allergy support chews are hemp extract, chicken, nettle leaf, burdock root, biotin, and marshmallow root.

Advantages are given below:

  • These chews help the dog moisturize their skin with support for all skin health.
  • If your dog has sensitive skin then this product is for them.
  • These chews are Grain Free & Non- GMO
  • The hemp is sourced from the USA

Disadvantages are given below:

  • You also have to experiment with the dose quantity of this product.


No specifications are changed from the above chews but without ingredients.

How Much Does it Cost?

The all chew products on Charlotte’s Web website ( is offering prices that are starting at$19.99 but when you subscribe then you can save 20 % so, it will cost about $15.99.

And if we estimate the price of each chew in the bag of 60 chews then it will cost about $0.33 each chew. But this is possible that the cost of chews will vary due to the different sizes of dogs.

Because for big dogs you have to give them more amount of chews as compare to small ones. Dogs with a weight of about 11 lbs. have to eat half of the chew in a day but the dog which weighs about 95 requires 7-8 chews in a day.

How does it Work?

Charlotte’s Web uses lots of hemp in its products due to its great benefits. This hemp is utilized in the form of full spectrum extract which means this oil is full of nutrition.

This hemp is also beneficial for humans so, many products of Charlotte’s Web are functional for humans. so, these products of made of all-natural and safe ingredients that help humans as well as dogs.

What are the reasons for choosing Charlotte’s Web chews?

Charlotte’s Web is a foremost company for the making of hemp CBD oil, chews, and gummies. The Stanley brothers invent a new rich strain which is called Phyto cannabinoids which contain additional cannabidiol &  fewer THC. So, this invented strain helps your dog to keep calm and relaxed.

This brand has a high reputation for its amazing products brand which are certified by U.S Hemp Authority. With an excellent background, this brand is one of the elderly brands for CBD in the market.

They always work for a high standard with transparency features due to their certifications. This brand is known for its best-quality ingredients which are made in the USA. They are growing about 90% natural sources of hemp.

What they are offering for Payment, Shipping, and Return Policy?

The shipping cost is about $8.99  but sometimes they also cost nothing and they cost this price all over the U.S. if you produce more than $74. When you order a product of this brand then your order will be shipped before the next day comes. Your product will be delivered to the doorstep within 7 days.

But you have to pay for the delivery service charges. They have easy and simple payment methods only you have to fill in the required details. This brand also gives a policy of refund in 30 days for customer satisfaction.


Charlotte’s web dog chews reviews. Charlotte`s web is an industry of CBD that is making products for dogs. This is used for the elimination of pain and anxiety but these supplement chews are not the only treatment for these problems.

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