Does My Cat Think I’m His Mom.

Does My Cat Think I’m His Mom. No, actual cats don’t think humans are their mommas. In fact, cats behave independently because they think we’re just one of their kind.

They think humans are cats like them. And felines reserve their affectionate behavior usually for the humans in their homes.

Does My Cat Think I’m His Mom

Cats are amazing and some of us spend quite a bit of time trying to figure out what is going on in our minds. Some people think that cats are just like any other human, able to force us, humans, to do whatever they want when we coexist with them. I happen to have a cat of my own so I have observed him very closely and have come to the conclusion that he definitely knows how to manipulate me.

I know from personal experience exactly what kinds of things you need to keep in mind when trying to deal with your pet without having your boss kill you for slacking off.


Kitty treats you like a surrogate mother and this is because kitties normally stay kittens their entire lives.

As a result, they will often view the affectionate strokes and caresses given by their owners in much the same way as a real mom would deal with her kitten.

This can lead to them raising their rear in the air and shoving it in your face because that behavior is also reserved for moms.


Your kitten has lived all his life with other people. You are not necessarily seen as a threat, even though you’re bigger than he is.

He simply sees you as an odd-looking fellow cat. Spend some time together and like any two cats do when they first meet, he will greet you and sniff your feet to make sure that the scent isn’t a foreign one, in which case he would act aggressively.

Your kitten will befriend you prior to seeing you as a potential threat and in this way, it can be said they are domesticated or tamed since cats naturally have an innate ability to communicate with each other through their vocalizations.


Cats aren’t just cute they’re smart as well. Now, we can’t say for sure why cats behave the way they do, but we do know that cats show us a level of affection and respect that is very similar to the way they treat their mama cat.

And this “sweet” fact flies in the face of anyone who thinks their “aloof” personality means they don’t care about us.

In fact, there are many theories as to why cats act independently, but one thing remains clear: cats reserve their affectionate behavior usually for the humans in their homes.


Cats are very finicky in the way they interact with us. One thing that distinguishes them from other animals is their meow.

Usually, adult cats meow at other felines, not at humans, which indicates that their meow is usually reserved for interaction with people.

Cats may have developed this ability as a way to communicate in order to manipulate human behavior or perhaps to think of us as family members.

Even though cats view humans as part of their family, this doesn’t mean that they necessarily see us as mother figures.

It’s quite possible that they recognize we’re a separate species entirely or perhaps part of another cat group on some level.

Do Cats Regard Their Owners As Parents?

A new study led by a group of veterinarians suggests that kittens exhibit attachment styles similar to how human babies do.

The study related that 64 percent of the kittens were securely attached to their owners and acted less alarmed when they were left alone.

Is My Cat Aware That I’m Her Owner?

Cats can’t tell their owners from just a glance, but they can tell their owner is present because of the sound of their footsteps.

The scent of human skin gives off a “parent” smell for cats, so whenever owners interact with pets, it’s considered an interaction like that of a parent and child.

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