Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Cats.

Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Cats. According to Purina, wet cat food may cause diarrhea not directly but indirectly.

What makes wet food more likely to cause diarrhea is that it consists of ingredients that are higher in moisture than dry cat food, like poultry, beef, and fish which are at a 90% level of the water as opposed to 10%.

Some cats do well with an increase in water intake while others develop bowel problems.

Does Wet Food Cause Diarrhea In Cats

As an owner, it’s your job to care about your beloved pet and make sure she’s always happy and healthy. However, once you commit to giving her wet or dry food, there’s no other way than to go with whichever of the two is more convenient for you at that moment. Sadly though, that’s something that can cause some complications because your feline friend will constantly want the type of food that either you or the people who take care of her don’t give her on a regular basis.

Cow’s Milk

This happens when kittens or cats drink cow’s milk. Kittens, being lactose intolerant do not have an enzyme in the intestines that are required to break down and absorb lactose, which makes for unpleasant symptoms.

To deal with this you can use a kitten formula replacer at 4-6 weeks, then after six weeks, you can feed your cat canned and dry food.


Cats require adequate water in their diets, which wet food provides. According to the ASPCA, moistened cat diets provide high levels of water and protein, both of which are essential for your pet’s energy, growth, and vitality.

When it comes to feeding your cat, balance is crucial since certain meals are too moist, while others are too dry, causing stomach issues.

No matter what kind of food you serve her, make sure she always has access to fresh, clean water.


There are quite a few cat infections that common house kitties are susceptible to. For example, cats may develop salmonella or campylobacter.

They may also be cured of certain common cat diseases such as feline leukemia (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) that can cause diarrhea.


Dry food has the advantage of not spoiling as soon or easily as wet food. That, and the fact that it’s a lot less expensive.

Wet food can induce diarrhea in cats because if it is left out in the sun for hours and the temperature rises over what is natural, the pH balance of the food can be thrown off, making certain cats sick.

Remember to keep all canned or tinned items refrigerated until they are served at room temperature.

Internal Parasites

Kittens are prone to develop tapeworms, roundworms, fleas, and other parasites. As such, it is very important for you to deworm your kitty’s vaccinations when they are only two weeks old.

From then on make sure you continue deworming them every two weeks until they reach 12 weeks old. If you want more information on this please consult your local veterinarian.

Veterinarians would probably recommend that my furry friend take an anti-parasite product whatsoever.


Why Wet Food Is Bad For Cats?

Wet foods may be a bit lower in calories than dry food but this shouldn’t be overstated. Just as you may have to feed more wet food because of its caloric imbalance,.

You’ll also have to feed more of it just to meet your pet’s basic nutritional requirements, which is hardly the end of the world.

What Food Gives Cats Diarrhea?

Rich or fatty foods can give your cat digestive issues. Our feline friends are not able to process fat properly, so rich meats such as turkey ham, and bacon will often result in diarrhea.

And eating too much fat of any kind can lead to an inflammatory disease in cats called pancreatitis that can be deadly too.

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