How To Get a Kitten To Stop Attacking You.

How To Get a Kitten To Stop Attacking You. Cats and humans have a tumultuous connection. We adore our cats, but we’re not sure they always reciprocate our feelings.

It’s no secret that one minute you’ll be snuggling up to your feline companion, and the next you’ll be wailing like an animal in pain as tiny claws dig into your fragile flesh from an unexpected angle.

When people first see these charming feline faces, they often react with a mixture of awe and bemusement, given how weirdly cat-like they appear.

How To Get a Kitten To Stop Attacking You

You can’t entirely rely on your cat or expect her to obey the rules, no matter how much you love her. There will be occasions when she will attack you utterly unexpectedly. It could be due to medical or behavioral concerns, but as a pet owner, it is your job to ensure that you are not harmed or that your health does not deteriorate. You may have noticed similar symptoms in other cats, so understanding why she attacks and what to do about it can help you and your cat find serenity and enhance your connection.

Kitten Needs

The reason kittens bite us is simple: they’re a common household pet, but they’re also natural predators, in fact, it’s in their biological wiring to attack an object that moves!

However, there are many toys designed specifically to distract and entertain kittens when you want them to stop biting your toes.

With the right toy and lots of active playtimes, kittens can learn how to use those strong instincts for appropriate activities like hunting for food or catching real-life prey.

Have Fun With Them

Lack of playtime may cause a kitty to attack you. Playtime helps wear out a feline’s natural aggression. Get them a toy suited for a kitten their age or stage if it is a kitten you are facing like the Peek N’ Catch Mouse.

Let them attack it! If the kitten instead chooses to attack you, try redirecting its attention to the toy by throwing it or rubbing it against its belly.


Kitty cat owners frequently make the mistake of playing with their hands or feet instead of using more appropriate toys.

When you try to brush your cat or give them a loving pat on the head, they’ll continue to regard your hand as a toy, which can cause confusion.

Invest in some real cat toys instead to make playtime safer. The best ones will leave enough space between you and your on-the-hunt cat to avoid any mishaps. Fishing pole toys and little toys that may be thrown for your cat to chase are two examples of suitable cat toys.


On a similar note, while discipline can be seen as a good way to stop engaging in undesired behavior, kittens are inherently independent, and as such punishment doesn’t always make them ‘see the error of their ways so to speak.

It can just end up making them more unpredictable in your presence and it may also break down the trust you have been building.

Similarly, it’s important not to punish your kitten for attacking back too quickly when they do retaliate. This can confuse them and they won’t understand what is going on and why they were punished for reciprocating.


Is it Normal For Kittens To Be Aggressive?

A kitten that’s protecting its “territory” from a perceived threat or interloper such as a small child or another animal also may protect the area by clawing and hissing.

While this behavior at first may be normal, if it doesn’t subside within a few months, seek out some form of punishment for the feline.

How Do You Discipline a Kitten?

By reinforcing the idea that behaving appropriately is the best way to get the most attention while acting inappropriately will be a quick way of having that attention reduced or revoked entirely, you can easily train your kitten.

You should start off by clicking and praising your feline friend when it’s on an appropriate surface and uses an acceptable behavior like sitting quietly.

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