How To Get German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting.

How To Get German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting. Many owners are eager to begin training their German Shepherd puppies, but some of them fail to realize that the earlier training begins, the more likely it is for them to succeed.

Treating your puppy badly or ignoring his early warning signs can only come back to haunt you later when your puppy becomes an adult dog.

Also, Doberman is a very strong dog with jaws that clamp down with over 238 pounds of force. They could easily harm you if you aren’t careful, so always make sure to treat them kindly.

How To Get German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting

If you have a German Shepherd puppy, you may have been trying to stop them from nipping at you. They can be exhausting to control with everything they try to do. The worst part about this problem is that it can cause real damage! We understand why no one likes having a puppy repeatedly bite at their hands, fingers, and skin in an attempt to learn how to walk properly on a leash due to the confusion of walking on two feet versus four.

That’s why we want to provide some helpful tips and techniques for how you can stop your German Shepherd puppy from biting that actually works.

Offer Them to Play with Toys

One helpful way to ensure that you avoid having your hands bitten by your puppy is to have toys present so that you can engage in play but keep your hands safe.

Even better, have a set of toys just for this purpose. Hide these toys once you are done playing with them in a basket or box to help keep them from getting a hold of them when they’re not meant for playing with.

Scream Like a Puppy

When puppies play together in the litter, they make a tiny squealing sound if one of their siblings bites them.

The puppy that just bit the other pup will normally back off because he or she thinks they caused you harm.

Don’t Get Involved in Harsh Activities

It is important that you take the time to teach your dog how to correctly play. Always ensure that any toys you give them are safe and are sturdy enough to withstand aggressive play.

Do not encourage aggression by engaging in rough play with your pup. Aggressive dogs are the last thing you want.

It’s important that when you do engage in play, it should be able to keep up with the pace or stop you from moving too fast so as to avoid any unnecessary risks of getting hurt.

Biting in German Shepherd Puppies Runs in the Family

If you’ve already received the privilege to enjoy a GSD puppy in your home, you’re probably noticing that they are particularly nippy and it’s understandable why.

There’s one thing you might not know that happens normally with German Shepherds island shark syndrome, hence some owners like to call them just that.

Land sharks have an extremely strong prey drive so they love anything that moves fast! And lucky for them, there’s nothing faster than, bugs and other puppies.

Fortunately, you’ll notice that their nipping isn’t so bad when it comes to human limbs but it may surprise you to discover just how much they would rather eat your pants than your food.

Do Not Retaliate By Biting Back

If you want your German Shepherd puppy to stop biting you, don’t reply to the nipping with playfulness. For example, if they take a bite out of you gently and then push them away playfully.

I made this mistake with my own puppy thinking it would encourage the puppy not to bite down so hard as there is some feedback for him/her in doing this by getting pushed away or that I was having fun with him/her by responding in such a way.

It didn’t work though because you can see them wanting more attention playing with their favorite toy and if I responded back when they took a bite at me playfully, it encouraged them more.

Exercise In a Structured Manner

Make sure you and your dog get plenty of exercise every day. Overfed, under-exercised dogs may learn that biting people is a way to let out their pent-up energy when they have nothing more constructive to do, so be careful with your puppy until all of their bones are properly grown!

Frequent low-impact activities such as light jogging or walking are perfect for physical conditioning and will ensure both you and your dog stay in tip-top shape.

When it comes to getting proper exercise, few things beat the excitement of running free in the open air.

However, make sure not to try anything too taxing or high impact on young pups as their bones aren’t yet fully formed, especially at the elbows and hips. Also, remember that young puppies should always be supervised by an adult when being let off-leash.

Final Words

The main mistakes that dog owners make when trying to curb aggressive behavior in German Shepherds are two-fold: they either use punishment alone, or they neglect the dog’s emotional state. The number one reason your German Shepherd is biting you is because of its teeth and contact. Therefore, you need to make sure that your training method is not putting your dog in an uncomfortable position while being trained. This means making sure the methods you use are both positive and negative affirmations meaning you’re rewarding good behavior and discouraging bad behavior.


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