How To Keep Cat Litter Off The Floor.

How To Keep Cat Litter Off The Floor. Owning a cat comes with certain responsibilities. Having cats in your home means you need to keep them healthy and entertained while taking care of the mess they make by scratching inappropriately and urinating outside their litter box.

Even if you clean the litter pan regularly, it’s nearly impossible for cat owners to avoid cleaning up after their felines when they inevitably find a more interesting spot to dig in.

Regardless of where you place your litter tray or how often you change the litter, you may discover that your cat still chooses to go on your floor instead.

How To Keep Cat Litter Off The Floor

Are you a cat lover thinking of getting a cat, or do you already have one? A cat comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of them is keeping the cat and the house clean. While some of them are clean and immaculate, most of them are not. How to keep cat litter off the floor? But relax, we will help you keep your house clean by preventing cat litter tracking.


If your cat tends to track litter throughout the house, it can be so frustrating. There are many different types of litter, and some cats may not like certain types over others.

Depending on their attitude or behavior is different from cat to cat. While there are a lot of causes for litter tracking, we cannot pinpoint all of them but one thing we do know is it tends to be typical with cats using clay litter more than other types.

As you know, cats who tend to clump often do it when they dig around in the box while they use their paws to scoop out the clumped-up poo aligned in pieces and thrown outside of the box.

Right Litter Box

The first thing to look at when you’re overwhelmed by the amount of litter shed on your floor is what type of litter box you’re currently using.

Are they low-sided? Litter boxes with low edges aren’t enough to prevent overshoot during the digging process, and it’s no surprise feline enthusiasts who dig a lot will inevitably find themselves excavating a sizable hole in the corner as a result.

Thankfully, there are other types of litter boxes available that could help make things easier for you.

Non-Tracking Litter

A good non-tracking litter box is a great way to not have as much litter tracked around the house. Let’s be honest litter tracking is rarely ever completely avoided without a non-tracking litter box.

However, it should be less of a concern when cats use a non-tracking litter because these litters are designed to not stick together and absolutely adhere to your cat’s paws or fur so that you won’t need to clean up as much of their excess mess.

Litter Mats

Some cats prefer sparkling clean litter after a visit to their box, but for most cats, the more litter you sift out of their paws at the end of a session, the better.

Invest in a mat designed to catch all that crazy cat litter from spilling over on your floor. Some mats are heavily textured and some have different levels of depth so be sure to test them out before making any purchases.

We love the extra soft, plush chenille mats available from Dog Gone Smart but some cats prefer the more sturdy Litter Trapper.


Will a Swiffer pick up cat litter?

Swiffer CarpetFlick did exactly what it claimed to do. It picked up all of our confetti, garbage, and even cat litter.

Final Words

Regardless of which type of cat litter you chose, your decision on whether to have a basic box or an automatic one will greatly impact how much time you spend cleaning up. To reduce the amount of litter that ends up clinging to your backyard or getting tracked throughout your home, consider using a top-entry design or better yet the auto-opening kind. Furthermore, finding the right litter will help allocate between 99 and 100% of its content to remaining in the box as opposed to emitting a strong odor throughout your home.

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