How To Help a Cat Lose Weight With Multiple Cats.

How To Help a Cat Lose Weight With Multiple Cats. As you know, overweight cats are more predisposed to various kinds of illnesses.

The instructions in the Feline Fancy Food Company diet for “Fat Cat” state that, when feeding a single cat, canned food should be poured on top of dry food until all of the fish has been consumed.

This can be repeated up to three times a day after eight-hour intervals. What we don’t mention is what to do when you have two fat cats in your household.

How To Help a Cat Lose Weight With Multiple Cats

As a cat owner, I am more than aware that feeding cats of all shapes and sizes can be such a headache! Different diets, different time slots, different parts of the house for chubby and slim cats. But don’t fret. Yes, it takes some getting used to especially if you’ve only recently gotten a new Kitten but I will run through some creative ways how to feed your overweight cat with multiple cats living at your home.


A cat becomes overweight when it inherits certain genes from its parents. Overweight body cells become larger or smaller depending upon how much fat the cell contains.

The maximum size of an overweight body cell cannot be reduced without surgery; similarly, the minimum size of an underweight body cell cannot be increased without exercise.

Once a cat becomes overweight during its kitten years, it is more difficult for that cat to lose weight as an adult because obesity leads to arthritis as a result of excessive wear and tear on the joints.

Thus, it is important to prevent obesity in kittens to avoid joint problems in adulthood.

Free Feeding

There are a lot of homes that come with feline family members. If you are among these homeowners, it’s important to keep an eye on your cats’ eating habits and make sure they do not become overweight.

One of the most common reasons why pets become obese is because they have access to unlimited amounts of food at any time.

If you have one cat in your home who seems to outweigh the others significantly, there are some useful ways you can get this kitty back into shape so that he or she can live a long and healthy life.

Communal Feeding

When you own two or more cats, you will most likely face the challenge of one cat being greedy and overeating while another cat stays back and only eats whatever is leftover.

There are two reasons why this is undesirable behavior: First, your cat that overeats will become overweight, and second, your other cat may become underweight.


While ensuring your overweight cat eats the correct amount is great, you also need to make sure that the amount of food you put in their bowl isn’t too much otherwise they will still end up putting on weight.

Your cat should have a regular diet but as part of this process if you’re looking to make alterations to help them lose weight in some areas, take them to the veterinarian so that they can give you advice on what kinds of food will be best for your cat based on their current size and build.

Calorie Intake

Now that you have a handle on your cat’s feeding habits, the next order of business is restricting his calorie intake.

While it is true that reducing portion sizes of food will also reduce calories, there are a few other things you can do to make sure you restrict how many extra treats your cat consumes daily too.

To get an idea about how much your cat should be eating, speak to one of our veterinarians so they can help determine if your pet needs to lose or gain weight, as well as whether she needs more or fewer calories in general.

Final Thoughts

If your cat appears to be heavier than it should be, take it to the doctor for expert assistance on a feeding plan, as not all cats require the same diet. Identifying which foods are best for your pet and then providing them with a balanced, nutritious diet over time is a big component of losing weight. Keep reading to learn how.

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