How to put a dog on a diet.

How to put a dog on a diet. As dogs in the world are available in every size and shape But owners can easily notice the gaining of weight. So, they can control the weight of their dogs by putting them on a diet that provides them with a healthy and active life.

An overweight dog`s weight may easily find out with the help of ribs and waist. The body condition scoring index is a technique that is mostly used by vets which can easily describe the weight of a dog by body fat.  The index varies from 1 to 9 with the variation of the weight of dogs.

How to put a dog on a diet

The perfect weight is shown by any value in the middle but starting and last values are not ideal for dog weights.

Do not worry the non-ideal values can be overcome by a food diet for the dogs. The diet plan I will discuss in this article will help your dog’s overweight and underweight conditions. So, let’s start this!

What are the reasons why your dog requires a diet?

If your dog is gaining or losing weight then this is not a good condition because it will cause many health problems like heart & lung disorders, shorter life expectancy, and strain on the joints.

As parents of dogs like to give them more healthy food but in reality, this may cause the gain of weight which is also not a dog condition for a dog`s health.

Lower energy, difficulty breathing, and unhealthy skin which feel like the ribs are also reasons for being overweight and underweight respectively.

All these given reasons and results of body condition scoring index clearing give you that the diet of your dog is very essential for his health. Many other reasons are available below that will force you to put your dog on diet:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Worsened respiratory disease
  • Metabolic effects
  • Slower recovery after surgery
  • Heat intolerance
  • Decreased activity
  • Skin disease
  • Poor quality of life

Tips to maintain a diet for a dog

To maintain your dog’s diet you should follow these steps. These steps are given below:

  • Apply overweight & underweight diet plans.
  • Exercise your dog regularly at the suggestion of your vet because every dog has a different level of health.
  • Use the best commercial dog food.
  • You should reduce the caloric intake of your dog.
  • You start dieting from a young age because this will help your dog to not gain or lose weight from a young age and keep healthy for further life.
  • Give them diet supplements or pills.
  • Always keep your eye on your dog`s meals to make sure that your dog is not eating any harmful things and only eating these products that are healthy for them.
  • Keep in touch with your dog`s vet to get advice on the food of your dog.
  • Your dog does not eat more than 2 to 3 times per day.
  • Do not give them too many treats and provide them only those treats that are low in calories.
  • During training time you can provide them with healthy treats like berries, salmon, and grilled chicken.
  • Add lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to their food like carrots, green beans, peas, cantaloupe, apples, cucumbers, berries, and spinach.
  • Do weight-loss surgery for dogs that can also help your dog to maintain its health.
  • Always exercise more and reduce portion size.
  • Never keep your food out in the kitchen or anywhere else in the house and always keep away your dog out of the kitchen.

How to design an Overweight Dog Diet Plan

As obesity causes many health problems so, In these steps you can make the best diet plan to slim down which will help your dog to maintain health also.

Once your vet confirms that your furry friend needs to slim down, it’s time to put your overweight dog diet plan into action. Here are 10 steps to get you there:

  • With the help of body weight measuring index find out the perfect weight of your dog and then start dieting according to that weight needs.
  • Make a plan to establish weight monitoring for the dogs.
  • Measure & maintain the initial daily calorie intake of your dog.
  • Count and then maintain the treat in a day and help your dog to enhance the interaction with toys.
  • Analyze the perfect quantity of food which is like a 1 by 4 cup scoop for the perfect weight.
  • Manage a schedule and keep yourself and your dog consistent on that schedule.
  • Remain checking your dog’s weight within two weeks and then plan a diet for that weight. This is best if your dog is losing weight between 0.5 -2  % in a week and this should be 1.5- 7.5 % in a month.
  • Keep regulating calories according to their weight needs.
  • Steadily increase the exercise within weight loss.
  • Monitoring is the best method for maintaining a perfect diet plan for a dog. So, remains to monitor your dog post diet progress.

Best Dog Food for Weight-Loss

The best dog food for weight loss will help your dog to maintain its health. This food mainly includes natural supplements,  dietary protein, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, L-carnitine, water, EPA, DHA, and extra fiber.

All these nutrients are available through fresh food, natural supplements, green tea extract, canned food, fiber-rich veggies, cinnamon,  fish oil, and kibbles soaked in water.

What are the main mistakes that owners are doing in the dieting of dogs?

Some owners do not check the daily intake of calories in the bowl of their dog. If they do not overlook the treats and snacks limit then this is also a big mistake.

Many dog parents also do not keeping eye on their dog food while scooping it out from the food bags and do not feed the best method of kibbles which also causes weight gain in dogs. If they are also not using the best diet plan tips from the veterinarians then this is also not a good thing.

How long will my dog need to be on a diet?

The ideal time for the best diet is between 6 to 8 months for the perfect weight for your dog. If your dog is maintaining weight slowly then the time will change.

Perfect weight for a dog who loses about 6 pounds in a month but this is not a cure rate because some dogs maintain weight slowly and some maintain it quickly.


The health of a dog can be measured by its weight of a dog if they have more weight then this is not good for the dog’s health, this is better to put your dog on diet so, if you remain concerned, dedicated, committed, and consistent then you can help your dog to lose their weight because the dogs do not know about harm things that can gain weight. Always keeping visits to vets to take help for a healthy body of the dog.

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