How To Raise a Kitten To Be Cuddly.

How To Raise a Kitten To Be Cuddly. Keep your kitten close, but not too close. Give your cat a lot of attention and some pats on the head now and then.

Keep frequent eye contact with them, so they know you’re always around for some love and attention, but also that you respect their need for space as independent creatures.

How To Raise a Kitten To Be Cuddly

Cuddly kittens are the cuter members of their species. Whether you’re an owner or thinking about getting one, it’s important to know what makes them tick and how to combine their natural cuddly tendencies with maintaining independence in a way that encourages their growth as cats.

Out From House

I remember first bringing home my kitten. The first thing he did was sneak under the couch!

Kittens often hide because they are easily frightened, and they become overstimulated. But they shouldn’t be alone all of the time.

It’s important to help your kitten feel safe in open areas around the house so that he can gain the confidence he needs to go about his daily business as a young adult.

To help your kitten become comfortable being out in the open, encourage him to come out from hiding and play with you. Gradually help him get accustomed to wide-open spaces by blocking off his preferred hiding locations.

Play Things

While raising a kitten and training it to obey various commands, there are several important points that you need to keep in mind: 1.

Do not allow the kitten to play rough with you during playtime. Cats do like playing with their owners, but they should not be allowed to use their teeth while doing so.

Use toys only and don’t allow the cat’s mouth to touch any part of your body, especially while trying to play with it.

If a kitten is allowed to bite and scratch, as it grows up into an adult cat, these negative behaviors will become second nature for it and you’ll have no control over its actions.


Getting to know your kitten on a deeply personal level reinforces the level of bond you have with each other.

By talking to her from an early age, she will be more receptive as she grows older and therefore more affectionate.

Know that every kiss and cuddle you give will deepen your relationship in ways only you can understand.

Cats Are Different From Dogs

Some dog owners also have cats! Cats need company, but some dogs may not get along with them. This is especially true if the cat belongs to a “scaredy-cat” family, for example, Pantherettes or Scottish Folds.

Cats are known for being graceful and elusive, but they can slip into a corner very easily. Dogs like to chase things and sometimes chew on them too.

These behaviors can trigger your cat’s instinct to escape from you. Dogs also like to rub themselves against things as part of their normal grooming routine be careful though as a belly rub might scare your cat because she is so small it would feel like her vital organs were vulnerable.

Are Male Or Female Cats More Affectionate

Neutered male cats are generally more loving and less shy than otherwise. In my experience, of all the felines I’ve had over the years, more of my females were lap cats than males.

Three out of four buddies were quite clingy, while the fourth was very affectionate, incredibly intelligent, and taken from his mother too soon at nine months old.

All three females I’ve had in the past have been lap kitties. When it comes to cats, it is often a breed or breed mix rather than gender which makes them lap-worthy or lap rejecters.

When Should Your Kitten Be Handled

The earlier you start handling, playing with, and petting your kitten the easier it will be to tame them.

To remove any danger of your kitten growing up feral the best time to start taming your kitten is around 4-8 weeks of age, ideally closer to 4 if at all possible.

Around this age, kittens begin to discover their personalities, play together with their siblings, and wean themselves from their mothers.

Use feeding time as an opportunity to interact with them through touch so when they are grown up and spending most of their time on your lap or running across the floor unaware that anything exists around them besides you or another family member or pet dog for that matter.

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