How To Reduce Cat Shedding.

How To Reduce Cat Shedding. Some people love cats and some people hate them. If you happen to fall in the latter category, stay with us because we’re going to teach you that not all cats are alike.

The Sphynx breed is revered for a single reason they barely shed at all. But unfortunately, the breed isn’t popular enough to merit making it very easy to find one of your very own.

And while some cats may have less of a problem with shedding than others, all cats do shed again except the Sphynx.

How To Reduce Cat Shedding

Just like humans, cats also shed and it is pretty normal. Shedding is a natural process that allows the cat to remove their fur as the seasons change. Cats who outside extensively tend to shed twice annually spring and fall.

Brush Hair Regularly

Simply brushing your cat can make a huge difference in the amount of cat hair floating around.

It can also help minimize hairballs as well as improve your feline’s dental health by removing dead fur from her teeth which can lead to disease.

Additionally, regular brushing removes dirt, dead hair, and dander all of which contribute to unhealthy skin and encourages breeds of cats whose coats are especially prone to these afflictions.

Also, the act of giving your cat frequent brushes helps in making their coat silky and shiny so that it’s manageable for them to approach high-traffic areas such as roadways.

Normal Shedding In Cats

Cats shedding can sometimes be difficult to detect, but if you know what to look for then it becomes pretty straightforward.

Whether your cat’s shedding is normal often depends on exactly how much of their fur is coming off and what the fur looks like when it falls from their body onto the floor.

If your cat is shedding abnormal amounts of hair then there are a few different things that could be causing this issue from skin problems to stress and too much grooming, just to name a few.

Your Cat Should Be Shaved

Shaving your pet can be a stressful task since you don’t want them to get hurt. Some tools that are best suited for this job include clippers and scissors.

No matter what tool you decide to use, make sure it is very sharp so that it is less likely to take off big chunks of fur with one pass. Also, look into using grooming oil.

Pet-specific clippers are the best option, but there are also many high-quality trimmers that work well on small animals too this one sold on the Norrona website will definitely suffice. I hope this information has been useful and not just entertaining.

Improve Your Cat’s Nutrition

One of the possible reasons for a pet cat to be losing more fur than normal is if they aren’t getting enough nutrition.

According to Purina, “When cats aren’t getting the right amount of nutrition, their coats become dry and brittle, increasing the likelihood that hair will break off and drop out.”

In other words, not only are you going to be spending more on cat food than you did before, but you’ll also have extra money set aside for vacuum cleaner bags.

How Many Times You Should Brush Your Cat

I like to brush my pet once or twice a day in order to prevent matted fur and shedding and ease the stress on their delicate skin.

Never use the same brush for different types of pets though the risk of catching an infection is fairly small, it’s still not worth taking.

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