How to take care of a labrador puppy.

How to take care of a labrador puppy. There are many kinds of dogs all over the world and a kind of wonderful pet is known as Labrador puppies because they need more attention as compared to other dogs. When you get these dogs you have to take care with the right supplies of toys, medicine, and grooming things.

Firstly after entering their house the Labrador puppies need proper safety and veterinary care. They also need the best housebreaking, grooming, exercising, and feeding. If you want to make your dog more happy, healthy, and lively then for this purpose dedication is required.

How to take care of a labrador puppy

These dogs are full of joy but sometimes they also seem to be a challenge so, you have to be patient and consistent.

Your Labrador puppy companion`s care is the most important topic so, I will try my best to give you all the related information in this article. This information will be focused on Labrador puppy’s health, diet, training, and vaccination care.

What are the instructions about things which the Labrador puppy does not like?

If you follow the given instructions then you can easily cherish a dog according to its likes. The instructions are:

  1. Mostly lab dogs do not like a pat on the head so, for this purpose, you should use long strokes.
  2. Hug your lab dog by the neck is also not like lab dogs so, you should avoid this.
  3. Always monitor your dog for the things that are stressing them so, you should solve these problems.
  4. Training is the best method to groom your dog so, you should train them properly after training yourself training for this purpose.
  5. Always take care of your lab puppy’s food because this is the main thing that will make your puppy stronger for further life.

When to buy a Labrador puppy

The experts suggest that you should never buy a puppy until the age of 8 weeks and keep them with their breeder. Because before the age of 8 weeks the puppy is too small to adjust to a new place and their breeder better knows about their care as compared to the owner.

They also remain troubled due to health, the breeder can perfectly care for the Labrador puppy. For the purpose of buying you can also use an online method to help the internet.

You can search for Labrador puppies and see the range of Labrador puppies near you. Because most famous breeders are selling the Labrador puppy on the internet on an ideal budget. One of the most famous breeders is Snowy Pines White English Labradors which are American Kennel Club certified.

The expert says that American Kennel Club is a platform where you can find a good breeder with these characteristics are good in fame, reviews, knowledge, and answering questions.

If they tell you to wait then you should wait to buy a good lab puppy. But this makes sure that these dogs are not those dogs that can be cherished at home before the age of 8 weeks.

Buying needed supplies before cherishing Labrador puppies home

You should buy all essential supplies of things that are useful to take care of a Labrador puppy. These things include eating and drinking bowls, crate, litterbox, leash, toys, food packs, training material, common medication kit, cleaning kit, grooming kit, etc.

Feeding care of Labrador puppies

The most important concern for your Labrador puppy`s care is feeding detail. The best time to feed your Labrador puppy is twice a day when your dog becomes 6 months old but if your dog’s age is less than 6 months then you should feed them 3 to 4 times a day.

Always read the direction and quantity of food from the pack before feeding your Labrador puppy.

These always depend on the age and size of the dog which varies among all dogs. You should always make sure to buy high-quality & commercial food for Labrador puppies that are free of grains, artificial flavor, color, and preservatives.

Use the recommended food by your Veterinary doctor. You should slowly and gradually change the food according to their growing age. But you should remember that the sudden transition of the food causes many health issues for your Labrador puppy.

The best way to transit your puppy is by providing a combination of their old food and new food in the quantity of 3 by 4 and 1 by 4 respectively. One week later you can change the quantity to 3 by 4 of new food and 1 by 2 of the old food.

Then, at last, you can remove the quantity of old food from the new one to completely transit on the new food. Choose the best treats from the market to give them as rewards or a change of food. These common treats are small pieces of cooked sweet potatoes, plain chicken, carrots, beef, turkey and fish, etc.

Never give them garlic, onion, sugar, and, salt to eat because these things are bad for their health. Ensure that your Labrador puppy is drinking fresh water all the time.

Medical or Veterinary Care

Regularly visit the vets to keep your dog away from serious diseases. A vet properly checks them and suggests food, and medicine according to their immune system and age. And they perfecting take care of their vaccination process in the starting few months after birth.

The most of two vaccination that is important for your dog is Canine Distemper and Canine Parvovirus. They tell you the problem and prescribe effective suggestions that will surely cure the dog`s health issue.

As parasites are a common problem of all dogs so, if your dog is also affected by mites, fleas, and ticks attack then the vets will help you to remove them from your Labrador puppies.

Even the intestinal parasite also reasons of many disorders so, to keep them away your dog from these disorders which are caused by these parasites, the vets give you effective pieces of advice after Fecal examinations and necessary tests.

This is perfect to examine your Labrador puppy after every 2 to 5 weeks or twice time in a month for negative results. If you see any kind of abnormal thing then you should take them to the vet immediately for medical care.

Training care

The best & earliest training by an owner consists of five stages for example for training the owner should know how to get attentive, teach, prove, motivate and maintain them during training.

In the basic training, they have to learn basic obedience and command words that will help them to get further training with an understanding of the body language of the trainer or owner.

But for advanced training, they have to get training for potty, crate, exercise, leash walking, controlled barking, socialization, good behavior when they are alone in a home and eating food in a good manner, etc.

You have to know the best time for training all these things because all of this training is necessary to start at the perfect age for a puppy which is approximately 12 months to one year.

For example, this is best to train your dog to potty when he is 6 to 8 weeks old and if you are late from this time then training is as compared to less age. The best age for basic command is about 6 weeks when your dog can clearly understand you and start obedience to these commands in less time.

Diet care

A diet full of nutrition is also essential for your dog’s health so, you should take care of the Labrador puppy diet by providing him with proper nutrition for the development of and growth of health.

For this purpose, you should give them vitamins, minerals, protein, and fats sourced food in their diet for their perfect growth of bones, joints, immune system, and digestive system.

The quantity will vary with variations in the ages & sizes of Labrador puppies.  So, in the markets, many brands are offering dead food for dogs to maintain their health and gain weight. Before purchasing a diet food you should keep in mind the ingredients that cause the allergic issue for your dog.

You should use the alternative of food but not in the form of kibbles. Always choose healthy and tasty food for your Labrador puppy. If your Labrador puppy is not gaining weight then there is much food that helps in the gain of weight.

Supplements are also part of the proper diet so, for many problems vets are suggesting supplements, you can also consult to vet for the best supplement according to your dog`s health condition. Use less amount of raw meat and food because this also causes many diseases.

Grooming care

For grooming your dog need a brush on regular basis like 2 to 3 times a week. They should take bath 1 to 2 times a week with shampoos but if they are dirty due to any reason then bathe them. After bathing moisturize them with coconut oil for healthy hair.

Never use too much cold water for puppy bathing. You should use wipes or a wet cloth for cleaning purposes around the ears and eyes. Use a dry towel to dry their body or use hair dye on a very low level. When nails are increased enough then cut their nails. Cut them regularly for health reasons.

Spend most of your time with them

Like other dogs Labrador puppies also want to spend lots of time with their owners for love and affection so, you should spend more time with your Labrador puppy to create an amazing bond between you and your Labrador puppy.

For spending time you can utilize time in Labrador puppy exercise, playing with toys, mentally stimulating with the help of toys, and snuggling.


How to take care of a labrador puppy. Taking care of a Labrador puppy is not an easy task but when you put your all effort into this then this will end in a positive result.

This also costs too much but for a puppy, you have to do it.  As the Labrador puppy needs a lot of care, if you follow all instruction that is given above then your puppy will remain healthy with also have a joyful life.


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