My Cat Follows Me Everywhere And Sleeps With Me.

My Cat Follows Me Everywhere And Sleeps With Me. Cats are known to be very friendly towards their owners.

Some cats might be physically affectionate towards their owners the common ones being rubbing on us, jumping on our laps when we are sitting down, or lying on top of us while we’re sleeping.

In extreme cases, they might even act as pillows by providing their owners with a soft surface for a ‘nap’.

Other cats, however, don’t seem to appreciate this type of physical attention but may just want to be close to us and can be taken as a sign that they like us.

As cat lovers would know, some cats will follow a specific person in the house because they enjoy that person’s company and others might not have any specific reason other than the fact that they like this person enough to follow him/ her around hoping for some love or affection in return.

My Cat Follows Me Everywhere And Sleeps With Me

Not all cats are alike in the way they interact with their owners. Some can be very needy, wanting constant attention and affection, whereas others might be more independent and aloof. They probably sleep better than you do! But don’t fret if you think your little kitty is acting a bit strange or out of character because that just means that you have your own unique personality and the two of you were uniquely destined to meet each other.

Cat Enjoys Your Company

Your cat does indeed love you. After living with people for so long, cats have formed genuine and unique bonds with their human caretakers and often enjoy spending time with them by observing.

The interesting things they get up to rather than just sitting on the couch watching tv programs that behave similarly to the wildlife that the cats would otherwise try and hunt down in their natural environment.

Separation Anxiety

The exact cause of separation anxiety in cats is not 100% proven. However, there are a number of environmental factors that may contribute to the development of this problem.

Such as being rehomed repeatedly and never properly socialized with humans and other cats.

This can most likely be due to the fact that the owners of these kitties knew little of their needs and did not find out their behaviors until they brought them out in public.


Some breeds of cats are becoming more social than ever before but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re any more friendly to humans.

While your cat may become very social with you, they may still struggle to interact with other people. Be sure to make the most of these opportunities to bond and build a great relationship with your furry friend.


Cats are independent little creatures and would prefer you play with them as and when they need it most when they want it.

It is important to remember to give your cat the attention and interactions it wants every day, particularly because if you leave your cat alone for too long during the working week or away at work during the weekends.

it may find ways of getting your attention such as by crying out at times or meowing incessantly or scratching at doors or furniture.


Why do cats lay by their owners?

When cats are sleeping, they are defenseless. They, like everyone else, want to find a place they can rely on to sustain them and keep them secure while they sleep.

When a cat chooses to sleep on you, it may appear that your pet doesn’t love you; after all, cats would much rather be snuggled up close to the heater than dozing next to their humans.

However, there’s something more soothing about having someone close by as we sleep even if we don’t realize our pets are keeping us safe.


Litter-training a kitten takes time and patience. Some kittens are naturally more interested in the world than others, which helps. But sometimes you will have to get inventive. Try placing cat litter next to their food bowls to encourage them to use it. Others might prefer to see it in a familiar tray especially if they’ve already had experience with a tray when bottle-feeding baby kittens, or worse, at the vet. Be patient with your kitten and try not to take things too seriously.

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