My Cat Is Acting Strange And Scared.

My Cat Is Acting Strange And Scared. If your cat has always been friendly to others, it might be something to be concerned about if they suddenly start to go off the deep end.

This can be the result of someone getting a hold of your kitty and abusing them. Some cats are super sensitive to change, so something as little as bringing home a new piece of furniture could leave them feeling skittish for weeks or months at a time.

The important thing is that you’re looking out for signs that might not seem completely out of the norm, but still make you pause. If you notice any sort of injury or sickness in your pet this should also raise a red flag.

My Cat Is Acting Strange And Scared

Your feline friend might be frightened over changes in its routine, environment, or you. Note that some causes for cat anxiety might stem from a change of location whether it’s to your residence or just visiting with someone else. Similarly, noise from construction and renovations were done by contractors would scare it as well. If your pet gets too scared, then I believe such disruptive noises can put you in the same state too.

To top all this off, injuries anything ranging from superficial cuts to life-threatening ones are a quite common cause of feline stress.


An elderly cat may start to act like a scared kitten. One of the first signs is that he might start doing number twos outside his litter box.

Some other symptoms include wandering confusedly, agitation, and seeming to be constantly under stress.

New Home

Moving home can be quite confusing for your cat as he/she will have to learn new things all over again.

This is where your cat’s fear of open spaces may end up causing problems since the house will be bare initially.

Luckily, this situation can be resolved by making the home welcoming and secure for him/her.

Focus on providing hiding spaces for cats which means leaving boxes in place surrounding your new home until they feel at ease exploring the area.


Animals can be very sensitive to changes in their environment. You might have a new cat that absolutely hates exploring a little too much.

They want to know what is going on, but they also really dislike it when things are different than they usually are which means that sometimes they may go a little bit crazy over the smallest change.

If you were to get a new cat, another way to help them adjust would be by placing all of their favorite toys, food, and especially scratching posts around the house somewhere familiar so they can still feel at home even while this change is occurring.


Dogs and cats share something called ‘episodic memory’. This is a part of their intelligence that helps them to remember specific events, particularly ones that involve some sort of emotional attachment, whether it’s happiness or fear.

When there are too many bad memories associated with someone or something, the cat may become nervous around those people/things and even avoid them as much as possible because if something bad happens once, it could happen again.


Why is my cat hiding and acting strange?

If your cat mostly spends its day lazing around in the sun and has suddenly taken to seeking refuge under the bed, it could be very ill or suffering from a painful condition.

Because we care about our furry friends here at Animal Care Clinic and want to help them all live as healthy lives as possible.

It’s important to take any signs of unusual behavior you observe seriously and promptly consult your vet for a thorough evaluation.


Keep an eye on your cat’s behavior to see if anything changes. These strange occurrences can be completely normal, or they can be a little peculiar if they aren’t harmful. Always remember to be patient with your cat and never force it to do something it doesn’t want to. The first step is to look after the emotional health of your feline pet like you would any other family member. We must demonstrate to our cats that they have nothing to fear by showing them love, patience, and compassion and that they will soon regain their natural curiosity in the world around them.

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