My Cat Is Shedding Like Crazy.

My Cat Is Shedding Like Crazy. If you’ve been keeping up with your cat’s grooming and she’s still shedding profusely, contact your veterinarian right away.

If you have a cat breed that is known for being a low-shedder but she is still losing a lot of furs, you should visit your veterinarian as well.

My Cat Is Shedding Like Crazy

Shedding is normal for cats, and it’s actually a good thing. They shed their old hair so that soft and silky new hair can grow. Cats generally shed more during hotter months when they lose more hair so they can regulate their body temperature effectively. If your cat is shedding excessively, ask yourself these questions:

Shed Hair

When cat owners talk about shedding, they’re not just talking about actual hair falling out, but also about replacing it with something new and stronger.

In fact, the hair that falls out is meant to be replaced. Most cats shed during springtime each year as a result of spring fever but even healthy adult housecats will shed their winter coats over time as they switch to summer styles.


A cat’s fur is like the human body and it sheds for the same reason. This is because a healthy diet makes for a healthy appearance, even though you don’t notice it outwardly.

If your cat starts shedding too much when you haven’t changed their diet that might be a sign that they need to be in one that will keep them looking their best.

Health Problems

A healthy cat will generally have a healthy coat, while a sick cat will typically shed more and appear dull. A massive amount of shedding is something to watch out for as it may be cause for concern.

Sometimes this is just an isolated occurrence and nothing serious, but it can also indicate that there are underlying health issues present.

If your cat loses patches of fur on its body, then this is known as alopecia and can be caused by a number of diseases or disorders.


Studies have found that cats that are excessively stressed tend to shed more than average. This is because when cats become anxious they tend to groom themselves excessively in order to overcome the anxiety, while also attempting to soothe themselves.

Overgrooming can lead to the cat’s hair falling out or even developing psychogenic dermatitis, which is a type of skin condition caused by stress for example.


Is it OK to Bathe a Cat?

Cats typically take care of their grooming needs without assistance from their owners. Some cats are finicky about baths and the lathering process that comes before, but it’s rare for them to hold on too tightly to their coat afterward.

For this reason, cats may need regular bathing for a number of reasons including improper diet, fleas, and ticks, bad breath, or general health and individual preference.

Do Cats Like Warm Baths?

Obese cats or arthritic cats While they might not be able to bathe themselves, these types of felines might need some assistance with grooming.

Not only can their fur become knotted or tangled, but their skin and paws might become irritated from hairballs.

As a result, humans should take care to bathe very obese or arthritic kitties in warm water and massage their coats with soap to keep them clean and help reduce their discomfort.


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