Outdoor Cat Houses For Multiple Cats.

Outdoor Cat Houses For Multiple Cats. If you want to provide a shelter for your pets when they’re outdoors, a cat house is a perfect option for that, you can easily find cat house in the market at a suitable price.

If the cat houses are for numerous cats then it also saves your money.

Keeping cats with you can bring love to your life. It can relieve stress and improves your health.

If you are in search of cat house then this article is for you.

In this article, we will discuss the best outdoor cat houses for multiple cats, we will also enlist our top 08 outdoor cat houses.

Best 8 Outdoor cat houses for multiple cats

  1. K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Kitty House Cat Shelter
  2. ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Feral Cat House
  3. Multi-Kitty House Cat Shelter
  4.  Pet Home with Covered Balcony
  5. TRIXIE Natura Outdoor Pet Home
  6.  Thermo Birchwood Manor Kitty Home
  7. TRIXIE Pet Products 2-Story Cat Cottage
  8. Natura Cat Home for Multiple Cats
  1. K&H PET PRODUCTS Outdoor Cats Shelter

This Outdoor Kitty House Cat Shelter by K&H pet products is ideal for outdoor sheltering, this house provides your cat a safe environment. This K&H cat shelter house is one of the best choices for protecting the outdoor cats, community, and feral cats.

You can also use this cat house indoors, this cat house is compact and portable you can easily move this house from one place to another. This cat house is weather resistant, your cat will enjoy the weather in this shelter.

Moreover, you will find this cat shelter flat when arrived, then you can assemble this product within minutes without any specific tools. To make these cat shelters more durable and sturdy K&H used water resistant nylon in its construction.

This beautiful K&H shelter house has two doors to provide emergency exits to your pets from predators, so your cats will feel more secure in this outdoor shelter.

The interesting feature of this outdoor cat house is that its doors come with removable flaps to set up according to your cat’s requirements.

This product is less expensive, you can save money by buying this shelter for your cats. This cat house is designed in such a way that it can withstand inclement weather , heavy wind and will not blow away.

Moreover, the walls and roof are insulated to keep the temperature maintained according to the hot and cold weather.

This water resistant shelter is made with a 600 denier polyester that offers a high comfort level to your cats. Its sloped roof will also drag water, prevent it from getting inside the cat shelter, and enhanced its durability.

  1. ecoFLEX Albany Outdoor Cat House

This ecoFLEX outdoor cat house is sleekly designed and looks beautiful in the barn, garage, or other outdoor building.

This weather proof cat house is perfect for those cats who need protection from different elements like the worst weather conditions.

Your cat will love the outdoor house and also feel comfortable and secure in these shelters. The interesting about these shelters is that it is available in different colors so you can choose your favorite one that matched your cat’s color.

In this cat house box, you will find the different pieces of this product you have to assemble, you can assemble these pieces easily by just attaching them to the cutouts of each other and screwing them together.

It takes a few minutes to assemble, you need only a screwdriver for this purpose.

Comes with a two opening windows or entrance points and your cat will feel comfy in this beautiful ecoFLEX outdoor cats shelters.

The two exits and entrance opening is the most important feature of this cat house because cats don’t like to feel trapped inside .They can easily enter in the house through these openings.

This product is made with a high-quality material like a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material. This cat house is sturdy and strong and can withstand any weather condition .it will never warp, crack or split. Moreover, it is easy to clean by using your garden hose. This product is best for medium sized cats.

  1. Multi-Kitty House Cat Shelter

The multi-kitty outdoor shelter is one of the large outdoor cat house ideals for multiple cats. This multi-kitty shelter is available at a reasonable price you can protect numerous cats with a very little amount of money.

This cat house shelter will provide a little extra room and provide extra protection to numerous cats. This outdoor cat house is made with high-quality nylon to make this house more durable and it can also withstand any weather conditions.

This is easy to assemble and this cat house is ideal for cats of any shape and size. This outdoor cat house is also well insulated and keeps your kitties warm even in extreme cold.

It provides two exits for quickly escaping from the front or back door when your cat feels threatened.

The most important feature of this cat house is that it comes with a Berber own heating pad that provides comfort to your cats. This Berber pad is removable and easily washable you can wash it even in the machine.

This outdoor cat house is also ideal for use in barns and garages, it is designed like a convenient cat house and is available in black color.

To assemble this beautiful house, you required no specific tools you can do it within minutes.

Moreover, the thing that you will like the e most about this product is that it includes a machine washable cushion pad. This outdoor shelter is also certified by MET Labs against all the safety standards.

  1. Pet Home with Covered Balcony

Pet Home with Covered Balcony is one of the beautiful cat houses on our list. This cat house is a large multi-story, durable wooden cat house that is ideal for more than one cat. This outdoor house provides a secure and relaxed environment for your cats.

You can also use this product in outdoor and indoors, its covered balcony provides extra space, and also looks like an attractive cat house.

This outdoor cat house is made with high-quality material and the raised design of this house can also withstand hot weather ,snow and rain.

This outdoor cat shelter is also well ventilated, its elevated foundation allows for improved airflow. Also, it comes with a very comfortable floor suitable for the summer and extremely cold climates. This product is not only designed for cats you can also use this product as a dog house for small dogs or other small pets.

This durable outdoor cat shelter is made with a non-toxic fir wood to enhance its life and also a very little maintenance is required to keep this product condition well.

This cat house is ideal to use in any shaded and protected area, its assembly is it difficult task for two people required for this task.

It has one drawback that it has only one entering and escaping point so your pets can’t escape quickly when they feel endangered.

The covering porch of this product can prevent rain to drive inside and wind to blow inside and keep your pets safe in harsh weather. Also, comes with a removable floor that is easy to clean and washable. Outdoor cat houses for multiple cats.

  1. TRIXIE Natura Outdoor Pet Home

TRIXIE Natura Outdoor Pet Home is designed to provide shelter to your dogs, cat, and rabbits. It is a large outdoor cat house, also you can use it inside the house. It is one of the durable pet houses that is made with high-quality wood.

It is attractively designed, your pets will love to live in this house and also will feel secure there. This product is also portable with its lightweight you can easily transport it from one place to another.

This outdoor cat house uses a natural fir wood in its construction to make this product provide water resistance and is long-lasting. It can withstand heat and rain, your pets will not be disturbed by the outside weather.

The interesting thing about this outdoor cat shelters is that its strip curtain protects the inside from rain and also keeps it warm.

Your pets will love a safe and dry space inside this house, and this durable product also requires little maintenance as compared to other cat houses.

This outdoor cat house is easy to clean, its hinged roof with a locking arm allows you to wash this whole house easily by using your garden hose. Comes with a slanted roof that is water-resistant and also sheds the water from the roof.

Moreover, the doorway of this outdoor structure is covered with heavy-duty plastic flaps that provide a dry and safe area for your pets. It is super easy to assemble; it takes less than 15 minutes to its assemble, and no special tools required for this task.

  1. Thermo Birchwood Manor Kitty Home

This outdoor shelter for pets is a single-story house, that provides all the weather comfort and protection from the elements. This wooden pet shelter is beautifully designed and provides a high level of comfort and security to your pets.

Its roof is designed in such a way as to run off the water when it is raining. This product also comes with entrancing and exit doors, providing quick escaping to your pets when they feel their life is endangered.

The interesting thing about this pet shelter is that its plastic door flaps keep some of the colds out and prevents driving rain from getting in.

Moreover, this product is easy to assemble by using a screwdriver ,and it takes a few minutes to assemble.

The interesting thing about this product is that it can protect your pets from heavy UV rays by doing UV-resistant coating on this shelter. The removable cushioned pad is another important thing that provides comfort and easy maintenance.

These pet’s shelters are available at a very suitable price its extra protection feature from harsh weather is an amazing addition.

The height of this product is about 18-inches suitable for large and small-sized cats. This wooden shelter is also paintable you can paint it in your favorite colors.

For customer satisfaction, this outdoor cat house is also available with 2 years limited warranty. Moreover, their pad cover allows the warmth to go through.

  1. TRIXIE Pet Products 2-Story Cat Cottage

This cute pet house is another double-story and large size pet house, this wooden shelter is made with a solid durable wood. This TRIXIE Pet Products house comes with an elevated foundation to provide your pets a secure environment.

The treated fir wood is used in its construction to make this house waterproof and more durable. It is designed in such a way that it protects your pets from any harsh weather including wind, rain, and from the hot sun.

Comes with only a front door for entrance and exiting, there is also an optional slatted plastic flap to prevent rain from coming inside.

The interesting thing about this pet house is that it provides a large space to climb and jump inside.

This pet house requires a little maintenance you can clean and wash this house by easily opening its large side door and a hinged. Moreover, this pet house also comes with a removable floor for easy cleaning and preventing your pets from wet conditions.

This shelter is also durable in its interior, it is easy to assemble its assembly requires just 20 minutes or less. Your pets will love to climb into this two-level house. It keeps your cat safe.

This product will also provide an airy environment and breathable inside.

This pet house also comes with a one-year warranty and is also available in brown and white colors. Moreover, this cat house can be used in outdoor and indoor places.

  1. Natura Cat Home for Multiple Cats

This is another large-size cat house that is ideal for various no. of cats or large cats. Natura Cat Home for Multiple Cats comes with 4 separate compartments, ideal for numerous cats. This house provides shelter to your three cats to four cats at the same time.

This shelter for outdoor use is not only used for cats but can also be used for other pets like dogs, and rabbits. This Natura Cat Home comes in light gray or gray color, this house looks very attractive and beautiful.

Comes with escape route, for each cat this house provides separate entry and exit points so your pets can escape quickly when they want. This wooden house is also made with a high-quality waterproof material to prevent your pets from hot weather and UV rays.

Moreover, it is waterproof and designed in such a way to prevent the house from getting wet from inside, so your cats will enjoy the dry and suitable environment for them in this beautiful house. You can add insulation in winter season.

This Natura Cat Home is super easy to assemble it takes a few minutes without using specific tools. The doors of this shelter are lockable and provide extra security to your pets, and they will feel safe there.

Styrofoam cooler requires in the winter season to prevent your pets from cold. Like other cat houses, this cat house also comes with a plastic flap to prevent your pets from harsh weather conditions.

Buying Guide (Outdoor Cat Houses For Multiple Cats)

In this buying guide, we will discuss some important factors that you should consider while purchasing the best outdoor cat house.

Safety Of Pets

While you are purchasing an outdoor cat house, the safety of your pets comes first. Make sure that the pet houses should have escaping doors for a quick escape when they feel a threat by wild animals and other cats(predators).

If your cat’s house has multiple entry points, it will offer greater security than those with a single door.

Weatherproof Construction

When it comes to outdoor cat houses you should choose a durable house because they have to face different weather conditions.

Make sure that your cat house can withstand any weather conditions, its construction should be with durable material, and also have proper arrangements to prevent rain from driving inside the house.

Moreover, some cat houses come with a special insulating coating to prevent your pets from heavy UV rays.

Easy Assembly

Some cat’s houses come with proper cut-outs on their parts you have to attach and screw them to assemble. Make sure that the cat house that you are choosing comes with an easy assembling process, and you can do this task by yourself.

Some cats’ houses are super easy to assemble they don’t require a specific tool for their assembly.

Elevated Foundation

An Elevated platform is another important factor to consider while buying an outdoor house for your pets. Make sure that your cat’s house is elongated to keep this house off from the ground and prevent the floor of this house from getting wet in rain.

If your cat house is elevated then it can also prevent the cold from the soil and stay dry and suitable environment for your pets.


Outdoor Cat Houses For Multiple Cats. After a lot of research, we conclude that you should choose safe and durable outdoor cats houses for multiple cats. Outdoor cat houses not only help to keep cats safe from predators but also prevent them from harsh weather conditions.

We have also discussed some important points in our buying guide, follow these points and buy the best durable outdoor cat houses from our list of the best 08 Outdoor cat houses.

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