Should I Headbutt My Cat Back.

Should I Headbutt My Cat Back. Cats can be found utilizing scent glands located on their cheeks in order to mark their immediate territory as well as the litter, leaving a pleasant aroma all around.

This marking action subsequently provides comfort and assurance to cats due to an increased feeling of safety. In reality, back rubbing is actually a sign of affection among these creatures, not aggression.

Should I Headbutt My Cat Back

You should pet your cat on the back of the neck in order to show it that you’re a soothing presence. Whether your cat is being affectionate or getting into mischief, this is one of the most effective ways for cats to communicate their feelings to others. Facial expressions such as “grimacing” or “pouting” are also common forms of expression that communicate what emotions our cats are feeling.


It is an indication that she wants to be a pet. Headbutting is one of the few gestures that your cat will use to communicate with you.

By reciprocating in the form of headbutting back, you are showing a sign of acceptance of your cat, and your cat will be aware that you love and adore her as much as she does.


Headbutting your cat is mutually beneficial when it comes to you wanting to have her rub her scent on you and her. Your cat will headbutt you, as a way of approaching you.

Sticking your head at the right moment by literally returning the gesture will tell her that you like having your furry friend show this kind of attention to you.

Cats Headbutt Other Animals

While this behavior is typically referred to as the “cat headbutt,” it is actually called bunting. Buntings are a subcategory of behaviors that are associated with social bonding.

Lions do it because they live in groups and seeing another lion’s head within their personal space acts as an indicator of trust or friendship.

Big cats will also bunt each other to exchange scents and mark territory. Cats have scent glands all over their bodies like on their paws, faces, the back of their ears, and their furry tails.

Cats Headbutt Humans

Cats typically engage in headbutting behavior to express fondness for the recipient. They also use it as a more subtle alternative to marking with their scent in the same way that dogs use urine and scratching posts.

Allow them to do their thing. It’s harmless- and usually adorable- although some cats do tend to get pushy about it from time to time so make sure your pet is getting plenty of attention from you along with their headbutts.


Do Cats Like Being Head Butted?

Cats are often considered to be ferocious and wild when in reality they can be playful, affectionate, and even sometimes silly.

One way that we know this for sure is, by the way, our feline friends so seemingly randomly interact by “headbutting” us as we pass by or even follow up with what may appear to be a playful scratch on our arms or legs.

Those harmless acts aren’t meaningless; cats are trying to show you how much they love you.

Why Does My Cat Butt Me In The Head?

Cats headbutt to leave an olfactory marker. A cat headbutt can be a sign that they trust you enough to get close and personal with you.

If your cat headbutts you, look at their left profile or bend down to their level so as to receive what news they might have for you.

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