Vegetarian Food For Puppy.

Vegetarian Food For Puppy. The people who are becoming vegetarian due to any environmental and religious factors so, this is a surety point for those people that will give their dog vegetarian food. But vegetarian food which is eaten by humans is not perfect for dogs they need a different formula due to their different digestive systems.

Because dogs belong to omnivores who love to eat meat. As dogs need different quantity requirements of protein around 35% and 30 -35% of other nutrition.

So, if you understand all these points and provide vegetarian food to your puppy with the perfect quantity of nutrition then with all these things vegetarian food is not a bad option for dogs.

Vegetarian Food For Puppy

There are many vegetables and fruits that are good for dog health but there are also some sorts of vegetables that are harmful to their digestive system. But do not worry we will discuss all of these kinds of vegetarian food and their perfect quantities in this article.

Does Your Puppy Need Vegetables?

Yes, your puppy needs vegetables because they are omnivores like people and they can eat a wide range of vegetarian food without meat as humans eat.

As dogs can get nutrition from vegetables, for example, corn and potatoes provide carbohydrates and these grains and rice can also provide them the nutrition that can fulfill the need for fiber and minerals with lots of energy.

In vegetable options sometimes the owner uses carrots, broccoli, and green beans to treat them. Most vegetarian foods are available in the markets like canned pumpkin which help them with constipation and diarrhea.

But some experts say some veggies are not good for the dog, it may hurt them so, before giving them food you should know the best veggies for them.

Can puppies Stay Healthy On A Vegetarian Diet?

Yes, your puppy can go on vegetarian food and this vegetarian diet is good for them. They can survive on vegetarian food and do well after utilizing this kind of food.

A canine digestive system of a dog has the ability to eat everything even without meat which provides these puppies with all specific needed quantities of amino acids, protein, and building blocks.

For the healthy diet of your puppy, you also do not want to give by-product of meat like eggs, then you can feed them those vegetables that gives a proper and balanced diet.

Health friendly Vegetables for puppies

The health-friendly vegetables are available in a wide range so, here we discuss most of them. The most health-friendly vegetarian options are:

Spinach: This is a vegetable that contains a large number of different nutrients as these nutrients are potassium, vitamins B9, E, C, K, and B6, magnesium, iron, folic acid, and calcium. These all of nutrition are essential for puppy health.

Kale: This vegetable is available in the shape of leaves with green in color and this veggie is full of nutrients like vitamin K & A with large resources of iron that is good for eyes, bones, and brain health.

Green Beans: This is a famous and important ingredient that is added to mostly vegetarian food products that are available in the market. Green beans contain iron, vitamins A, C, K & B6, and calcium itself. These beans are good for the digestive system because they have a great quantity of fibers.

Carrots: These are also a vegetable that is the most important part of wet food for a puppy that is available in the markets. Carrots are also beneficial for dogs because they contain much nutrition like biotin, potassium, and vitamins A, B6, & K.

Broccoli: This is a green color vegetable that is full of nutrition, for example, vitamin C & K  and potassium that help your puppy to heart and bone health and this provides the defense force against new diseases.

Sweet potatoes: If your puppy is suffering from constipation then you can feed them sweet potatoes for this problem because this is high in fiber.

Besides these are also many other vegetables for example cucumber, butternut squash, beetroot, celery, pumpkins, millets.

Fruits And Vegetables Your puppy Should Avoid

There are many fruits and vegetables that are not good for puppy health. As these vegetables are chives, onions, and garlic because these may cause them a disease named Anemia.

The tomatoes are not ripened yet, never use them for your puppy due to their toxic reaction to the dog’s health. You should always keep them away from unripe potatoes, grapes, raisins & avocado.

The seeds in the fruits like persimmon, cherries, peaches, apricot & plum are also injurious to the puppy’s health by the reason that it causes inflammation of the small intestine. You can feed the mushroom to your puppy.

How to prepare vegetarian food for puppies

You can prepare the best vegetarian food for your puppy by using the methods which are given below:

  • Blanching which is quickly semi-boiling of vegetables and then converted into cold water. By using this method you can clean the vegetable without lose of flavor and & vitamins.
  • Steaming is also the best method for those veggies which does not need semi-boiling in water. This method of cooking cooks the food entirely but never lets veggies change their flavor, color and nutrition.
  • Freezing is a preparation method that is useful to store large batches of vegetables. This will helps the owner to save effort and time so, after pureeing this is the easiest way to save these vegetables is by putting them on an ice tray, and refrigerator.
  • Pureeing is another good method of preparing food which breaks down the cell walls of the plants and helps the puppy’s stomach to digest easily. For a better experience of eating the vegetables or fruits are blended into a raw puree. For the vegetables like spinach, potatoes, celery, and carrots the pureeing method is perfect.

There are precautions you need to do during the preparation of vegetarian food so, you should take the steps that are given below:

  • Before feeding your dog you should concern a vet who may suggest you the best vegetarian food according to your puppy’s health. They will also suggest food that is not meat food but contain eggs or dairy in exchange for meat.
  • Visit and shop the great & high-quality products for your dog that are made of fruits and vegetables.
  • If your puppy likes vegan food then visit a vet or nutritionist for the best vegan diet prescription.
  • Never feed them a kibble form of vegetables but if you want to feed them due for any reason then add some water to it before serving.

Best vegetarian food and treats

Treats are mostly used for training and rewarding but they must be only 10 -12 % of the dog’s diet.  For better health, you should prefer treats that are suggested by vets because they recommend these on the dog’s health and activity level.

Some of the amazing vegetarian food is provided by brands like V-Dog, bramble pets, Halo, Gather, Wild Earth, Natural Balance, Pet Guard, and nature’s recipe.

And some of the excellent resulting treats brands are Bright planet pet, V-Dog, Bond pet food, Newman’s Own, Old Mother Hubbard, Zuke’s and fruitables

Commercial food problems

For your puppy, most of the commercial foods are bad for their health because they contain lots of corn, grains, soy, and many different kinds of preservatives, flavors, and colors that waste out the nutrition of real and fresh vegetables. So, you should avoid commercial food and feed your puppy freshly made food to maintain their health.

Healthy for dogs as humans

As we told you above there are many vegetables that are beneficial for dogs but this is good news that these vegetables are used by humans also to maintain their health.

So, for tasty treats, you can also feed your puppy a vegetarian treat that is made from food from humans. Here Raw Bistro is a food product brand which is providing recipes that are good enough for dogs as for humans.

Pros and cons of vegetarian food for puppy

Here are some of the most important points that will help you to find the pros and cons of vegetarian food for a puppy.


  • Relief from skin allergies that are mainly caused by meat products.
  • This vegetarian food for your pup can help in the relief of liver, and kidney diseases or stones.


  • If you cannot feed your puppy a balanced diet that is mentioned by American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) then this will be dangerous for a dog in many ways. As this will lack the nutrition in your puppy’s body that is essential for your puppy’s health. For example, these vegetables are full of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids etc.

Bottom line

Vegetarian Food For Puppy. As puppies have the ability to make any habit because this is a period of life when your puppy can easily eat any kind of food that you want to feed them. So, you should select the best vegetarian food for your puppy according to its nutrition requirements.

To plan the best vegetarian diet, you should always need the help of the vets because they always suggest the best option for the puppy.

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