Training A Rottweiler Puppy.

Training A Rottweiler Puppy. Training is a most important part of a dog’s life that will further help them in their aim of life. The Rottweiler dog belongs to the breed which is famous for its intelligence & amazing nature for learning something new.

If your dog’s behavior is normal but with the proper training, you can enhance their good behavior and guarding skills. During the training of your Rottweiler dog, many problems come as an obstacle but you have to solve these problems with patience & consistency.

Training A Rottweiler Puppy

The most important thing about training is that you should always use positive reinforcement to increase the trust that the dog will do.

For proper and perfect training you have to start the training of Rottweiler at an early age that will help to attain a better position in the family.

To make them protective, obedient, and astonishingly loyal, the information in this article will help you during training.

What type of training do they need?

Training has many important aspects that lead to the comfort and protection of the owner.

So, for training, we have many important types and methods that will show the acceptable and satisfactory effectiveness of dog nature and behavior.  Now we start some of their types of training and also explain the good time to start the training of your Rottweiler.

When to start the training of a Rottweiler puppy?

For difficult work, such as dog training, some specific time is preferred by experts and dog trainers that are considered to be an important milestone goal.

Now I tell you what time is good for the Rottweiler dog training. For socialization, the best time of the training is about 6 to 7 weeks even when they are living with the breeder.

To plan the training goals and expectations set in between the age of 8 to 9 weeks are like training the socialization with strangers, grooming training, leash training, introduction to the basic commands, potty training, exploring activities training, and unpleasant behavior training.

At the age of 4 months, the trainer has to train all remaining skills of training like socialization with other dogs, and obedience training.

Obedience Training

The best time for Rottweiler to start obedience training is if they reach about the age of 6 weeks, in this young age they can learn things very quickly as compared to the older age.

To behave well and obey ,you have to give training on some basic commands like, sit, come, stay, etc. But if your dog is fond of playing with shoes then you can train them on these basic commands that are drop, release, and off. You should always use easy and simple commands to communicate with a Rottweiler dog.

But if your dog is cross this age that needs perfect training then you have to be patient to train them for obedience.

For obedience training bonding is the most essential thing so, you should focus on short positive training sessions with positive reinforcement rather than negative things like torture.

You can also use the reward in the form of treats that are mostly loved by a dog and this reaction of the owner will motivate a dog for further training.

If you used the cues then this will affect the training positively. Use always a low and deep voice for the positive and negative sounds that will help the dog to react the next time.

Basic command training

If you start training a Rottweiler puppy then you should use the basic command to communicate with them. You should use different verbal words and then use whole sentences.

In the start you should use words like, sit, stand, go, come, yes, no, down, and good boy.  Use these basic commands regularly to train them.

Socialization training

When your dog is at the age of 6 to 7 weeks then this is the best socialization period. During this period, your Rottweiler puppy has to socialize with family members.

Onward this age like 8 to 9 weeks to 4 months, you can easily train them to socialize with strange people & other dogs. This socialization helps them to not hesitate between the crowd to perform their services as police dogs, guards, etc.

For socialization firstly you have to take them eventually from a less crowded place to a more crowded. In the starting, these kinds of crowd bother them yet with the passage of time, they develop the habit of it. You should always carry treats with you to gift them your dog for good achievement.

Eating, biting, and grooming training

These dogs are beautiful in looks so, they need better grooming training that includes hair, teeth, mouth, face, and eyes grooming. You should use the best product for dog grooming because some dogs are sensitive to the ingredients of the different products.

So, you should remain careful about the use of these products. Besides these things, you have to get focus on their eating and biting habits. You should always degrade the habit of biting and eating things. So for the training of these things, many toys are obtainable from all famous dogs markets.

Potty training

This is a type of training that causes many owners to kick out the dogs from the home but if your Rottweiler puppy is trained for the potty then the owner’s life becomes easier.

You should start potty training from the age of 7 weeks when they can walk and learn properly but if do not start it from this age then they get lots of many bad habits that are difficult to depolish these habits.

If you decide the fixed time to take them outside then this also becomes easy for you. For better training, you can use verbal sentences to command them or motivate them. After some time you can train for a litter box.

Crate Training

A crate is a place where you can make your dog a well-trained and well-mannered dog. You should train them that they never potty there, where they spend most of their time.

For training, you should also use the crate because, with the help of the crate you can set the exact time of the potty so, on the potty time, you should open the crate and allow them to potty at their exact and decide place that may be a litter box and any place in the house or outside of the house.

Leash training for walking

Leash training is another training type that helps you in a better training experience of a Rottweiler puppy. If you control your dog in the best way you should use a leash.

This leash training starts from 9 to 12 weeks when your Rottweiler puppy does unwanted and unpleasant things.

You put on the comfortable & durable leash on a Rottweiler puppy, take them to walk or potty time and control them with the help of the leash. Do this again and again for many days until your dog become addicted to this leash.

Is training affected by the nature of the Rottweiler puppy?

As these breeds of dogs are known as powerful, and aggressive dog breeds but on the other side, they also have many positive qualities like intelligence, obedience, and loyal.

The Rottweiler puppy has the nature of a sponge that can easily absorb the knowledge of training. Firstly you train them properly, after this your dog will show you better results on the training.

So, this is a true possibility that training will affect the nature of the Rottweiler puppy by changing bad habits and behavior.

Is it easily a Rottweiler puppy to get training?

Yes, Your Rottweiler puppy training is an easy target to train. Because these are the most intelligent, strong, and super active dogs, these qualities able them to train easily.

What kind of training is good for Rottweiler puppies?

If you use the positive reinforcement methods of training then this kind of training is a good method. This method also increases the bonding between you and your Rottweiler puppy.

But this rule is a must for the training of a Rottweiler puppy you have to be patient and consistent because Slow and steady wins the race.

Tips for training

Here are many main tips for the training of a Rottweiler puppy that will helps you.

  • You should start Rottweiler puppy training at an early age.
  • Always set up the rules in the house.
  • Never thought to delay potty training.
  • With the help of positive reinforcement socialize your dog.
  • Use crate training for potty training
  • For bite inhibition you should consider training
  • Never hesitate to help if you need the training
  • Always train them with confidence, patience, and consistency.
  • Firstly plan the proper structure of training
  • You should always provide healthy food with proper nutrition.
  • Provide a perfect environment and reward them with treats
  • Be serious about the guard training of the Rottweiler puppy


Training A Rottweiler Puppy. All discussion regarding training shows that the training of the Rottweiler puppy can be a helpful conclusion if this belongs to training types, methods, and timing.

These all are essential things when you try to train a Rottweiler puppy. These dogs are best at understanding things that’s why they can easily learn all the skills that will help them in their future life.

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