What Do Cats Eat In The Wild.

What Do Cats Eat In The Wild. Wild cats are weasels, lynxes, and wildcat hybrids. However, they are less likely to attack humans as these predators usually avoid human interaction as they prefer easier prey that does not fight back.

Studies have shown that the diet of feral cats is identical to that of their wild ancestors thousands of years ago before the introduction of domestication which proves we have had an immense impact on cat physiology over time.

The fact is, Neolithic and medieval cats ate the same diet as their wild ancestors and in turn, today’s domestic kitties need a diet comprised of the same ingredients as their wild ancestors.

What Do Cats Eat In The Wild

The cat’s diet, unsurprisingly, contains mice and rats. There are a number of snakes, lizards, and other insects that wild cats consider to be a delicacy as well. Wild cats will primarily hunt for prey at night, although some have become more nocturnal in recent years. For domestic cats, all this is true save for the hunting at night part. If your cat has been out on a big game hunt at 3 am recently you might want to check if it’s sick or not.


Cats are carnivores, so it’s inevitable that they will hunt or should I say you will hunt since you own a cat and eat meat.

Their survival relies upon this high protein source because of the amino acid taurine which cats use for their eyesight and good heart health.

If you own an indoor cat, it’s important to provide them with a carnivore diet like dry food or raw food. Cats who live outdoors though will provide for themselves.


It is said that cats have remarkable respect for their surroundings, both man-made and natural. From birds to rodents, to bugs and snakes.

Some say they prefer the limbs of trees as a scratching post but are quick to chew through it when trying desperately to free an animal from its trap.

While others report being on a roof when a slight nudge reminded them to not let up their guard as long as there are nails around.

It isn’t clear how they find solid ground with claws extended and weighing almost twice their body weight. But we can all agree that with their reflexes at top-knots, they pull off some pretty amazing feats.


Some cats are evidently carnivores as they eat mostly meat. Their bodies have been designed to get nutrition from animal tissue.

Though there are some herbivorous species of cats, they don’t devour plants naturally but must be exposed to them in order to digest them.

Their digestive systems are not adapted for plant matter and can’t extract any nutritional value from such food items.

Feeding Behavior

Other research has shown that the diets of feral cats are made up of small mammals such as squirrels, weasels, bats, moles, and 16% are comprised of birds.

It’s important to note that some of these animals can be bigger than the adult cats themselves! Studies have proven that hunting success gradually decreases as the size of the prey animals increases.


What Does a Stray Cat Eat?

Hence, if you’re looking to feed stray cats, a safer option would be to buy prepared treats in pet stores.

Although wet food packets and cans are also available on the market, dry kibble remains the most inexpensive and convenient form of commercial cat food since it can be stored and distributed with ease.

What Can I Feed a Wild Cat?

If you want to adopt a cat but worry that it might run away if given the opportunity, don’t worry because in most cases you can make your house into a very comfy place for any cats that might pass by.

Offer them kitty food, clean water, and even extra coats when they need warmth. If this seems like too much effort, remember that there are millions of stray cats in shelters that desperately need good home environments so be a hero and start with getting one of these.

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