Why Are Cats Attracted To Me.

Why Are Cats Attracted To Me. While you might own a cat and think they are great animals, there are plenty of people who do not share your enthusiasm.

These people avoid cats or may even be afraid of them if they happen to run up to them! If you have owned a cat for a very long, you probably know how cats usually feel about some people compared to others.

Why Are Cats Attracted To Me

One of the most common pets for human owners besides dogs is cats. These furry creatures are known for their unique traits and personalities. Besides, among cat lovers, there is a phrase called “we do not choose cats, cats choose us” to describe the unique bond between humans ad felines. This phrase arose because cats typically choose their masters, not the other way around.

Sometimes it even looks like they are attracted to people who don’t like them.


Have you ever seen a cat on the street staring at you? They must have thought that you had some kind of special powers to command.

Their attention was like when they saw you sneak an extra treat in your house or maybe it was just because you were carrying your cat’s favorite fish in your inventory!

Don’t really know if cats do miss us when we aren’t around, but I doubt it.

If it’s a friend’s house, though, they could have mistaken your best friend for one of their own if they haven’t been around cats much before. Either way, we don’t need to worry about such things.


Have you ever found a cat to be drawn to someone who isn’t interested in it? This may seem strange, after all, cats have been known to approach people who ignore them or even spat at them.

Yet there are still instances where cats actually prefer being around those people who don’t love them as much.


Cats dislike confrontational behavior. If you’re nice and bring the pet to your level, not above it, cats will naturally have a higher affinity towards you.

Never stare down an animal no matter how much you like them! Looking them in the eye will make them feel threatened try and use the tip of your nose instead if you really want to meet their gaze.

Certain Smells

Cats have a sense of smell ten times stronger than humans, often compared to that of dogs. Of course, there have been some exceptions when it comes to certain breeds of cats.

In that case, they can become familiar with a person through their scent alone and if they enjoy the scent then they will more than likely come closer to them.

For example, if your kitty is attracted to you there’s a chance you smell like cat food or something similar because it knows that you offer plenty of nourishment for it when you’re nearby.

Or maybe the cat’s instincts tell it that you’ve marked your territory around your house; this involves marking over other cats’ scents by spraying urine so its own is the dominant ones left behind.


Can Cats Understand People’s Energy?

Cats are curious little creatures who are always alert and high on energy. It’s no secret how amazingly aware they can be, but did you know that they can sense the emotions of basically everyone around them.

One of the things cats do best when it comes to their heightened awareness is they’re always ready to play or cuddle up with anyone who wants to engage in either activity.

Why Do Random Cats Follow Me?

Cats are often known for their need for attention. Some cats will follow their owner around in an effort to get more love and affection.

While others may do so in order to gain a sense of security or they may even be doing so because they want to learn new things that they can bring back to familiar settings.

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