Why Are Cats Scared Of Balloons.

Why Are Cats Scared Of Balloons. Cats usually have very sharp claws, which they use to tear into their food.

But one thing they would rather avoid is having their claws stick onto a balloon and have it pop. That’s because the vibrating sensation and sound can frighten them.

Why Are Cats Scared Of Balloons

Most cats are known for being easily startled like jumping when they hear sudden noises or trying to be cautious. However, some of the things that scare cats the most are surprising, such as your balloons. Most people were unaware of having them to scare them. If you’re intentionally causing them to fear in this way then stop doing so. Because you will not just be elevating their anxiety and stress levels, it is more than that.

You may lose their trust in you, and you may mess up with them in a psychological manner.


Oftentimes cats are not accustomed to big, moving objects, so they might be afraid of balloons. Cat owners understand that their cat’s immediate reaction is to flee and hide.

While this may seem like a fun, harmless game to play with your cat, you should understand that it’s actually making your cat feel more uneasy and uncomfortable during this process.


A cat could be afraid of various things, balloons being one of them. Some cats might experience fear if they aren’t familiar with the object in question.

As a result, they may assume that balloons are strange airborne flying rubber monsters that could be harmful to them.

In some sense, their reaction is one displaying a natural curiosity but when something is far beyond their ability to understand and make sense of it.

They just become frightened by what seems like an unidentified flying object. Cats can’t understand that there are pores that float on gas.


One of the other reasons cats avoid playing with balloons is if their paws come in contact with a balloon it will explode causing them to jump back. Consequently, cats tend to avoid playing with balloons.


Okay, let’s face it. It’s a little bit harder to imagine our cat’s confusing bright-colored balloons with a dangerous predator like a raptor or a falcon. But instinct is powerful.

Cats who are terrified of balloons don’t spend time analyzing the balloon; instead, they simply know that something is moving and flying about their home base, and it’s time to flee.

Yes, but not balloon-sized birds because they tend to be bigger and don’t fly around as much around our homes as balloons do. It is very easy to forget that our cats aren’t just predators, they are also prey.

Are Balloons Bad for Cats?

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Why Are Animals So Scared Of Balloons?

One of the most common phobias in the animal kingdom is a fear of balloons. As a dog owner, you are probably used to seeing your beloved pooch just go bonkers when their favorite toy is transformed into an airborne object.

Balloons have such a distinct sound when rubbed together it can be as if they’re being popped which scares Fido and other dogs in the same boat into terrorization.

What Do Cats Fear The Most?

Some strong odors are particularly unpleasant for cats. For those with sensitive palates, the smell of vinegar may be unbearable enough to send them up a tree.

Gasoline and onions can attract their ire. The citrus fruits most popular on people’s plates are distasteful to both kitties and canines alike, but some scents such as catnip excite them.


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