Why Do Cats Chatter At Birds.

Why Do Cats Chatter At Birds. A cat can be a very good pet if you treat them with care. They make for loyal companions who love to help you relax, but it’s important that you train your cat from an early age so the bond between the both of you is strong.

While cats are renowned for being sociable and adorable pets they can also be spirited in nature, not to mention occasionally stubborn.

One of the strangest things about cats is one may often notice them making peculiar sounds like when your cat sees something move outside or hears buzzing insects around.

Why Do Cats Chatter At Birds

Many psychologists theorize that the act of talking to your bird is a cat expressing pent-up frustrations at not being able to catch prey more easily. Whether your cat is trying to lure one into her traps with naught but pleasant sounds is also an idea put forward by behaviorists.


It’s very common to find the word “chat” being used interchangeably with words like “conversation”, “talk” and “discussion”.

However, it is a distinct concept of communicating with someone in real-time either by voice or video. With chat, the one-to-one conversation takes place and people can only hold conversations within rooms created for them.


Cats are fond of looking outside, especially when there is something to see like birds flapping their wings and taking off into the air.

The impressive aeronautics of these animals may intrigue your feline friend who might voice his interests by meowing while looking outside or watching birds up close as if they were in a birdcage. Your kitty might also swoosh his tail around because he


Our feline friends are often curious and playful. If they spot something new or exciting they may let out an enthusiastic meow.

It could be a meow that’s even louder than normal. Of course, these noises really depend on the circumstances.

Cats can actually develop other “cat sounds” when they seem to be especially happy or excited. But we love our cats no matter what silly noises they make.

Do All Cats Chirp

Yes, cats do make this sound, or at least most of the time. We have noticed that even wild cats can make this sound sometimes. There are toys with feathers and lasers which will excite your cat. You can also get a ball made out of foil.


Do Cats Get Frustrated Watching Birds?

When a cat chirps, it’s probably because they get so frustrated at seeing a tasty-looking bird or other prey out the window that they can’t feed off of.

Whether they get frustrated enough to vocalize their frustrations or not, cats will always prefer catching and eating prey over staring at them through a pane of glass.

Should I Let My Cat Watch Birds?

Domestic cats are very adventurous. They like clearing out the bird population as much as any other cat, but unfortunately for songbirds, these domestic felines are a threat. It’s not a good idea to let your cat free-range while outdoors.


As you can see, there are various possible causes for your cat’s chattering. Although it’s impossible to say for sure, we can make some educated suggestions as to why the cat is behaving in this manner. We feel that frustration and excitement are at the root of the rage or unhappiness. We’ve found that the most common cause of chattering is when cats see something they want but can’t have, such as a bird or a mouse.

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