Why Do Cats Chew On Cardboard.

Why Do Cats Chew On Cardboard. Like all domestic cats, Cheetos enjoys chewing on cardboard boxes and another disposable packaging.

Cats are made to go after a wide variety of things but it would seem that one of their favorite pastimes is getting their claws around some starchy food packaging that’s been battered around.

Cardboard boxes could be another one of those things no wonder they like them.

Why Do Cats Chew On Cardboard

When it comes to your cat, there’s no doubt about their preference for a cozy and warm bedroom. Many cat owners buy cute beds for their cats only to find them scratching at the bedding, scattering it all over the place, and inevitably turning around and sleeping on an old box. While there isn’t a sure-fire way to know why your kitty loves cardboard so much, we have some ideas that may help you understand her a bit better in the meantime.

Natural Hunter Gatherer

The strong sense of smell and the curious nature of the cat drive it to explore the world. Cats understand that chewing on cardboard provides a way for them to simulate the act of hunting.

Scratching, chewing, or licking on cardboard surfaces is in fact an instinctual behavior for your pet that hasn’t been outgrown as kittens do.

This instinctual behavior has been observed in cats with interactions with their environment and it leads them to investigate new objects by biting, clawing, and scratching at them first before moving on to something else.

Dental Problems

By the age of three, many cats have developed dental hygiene concerns, including gingivitis. To relieve their sore gums caused by various ailments, cats will chew on soft items such as cardboard.

Other difficulties of poor dental health can always be prevented by ensuring that your cat has toys to chew on, that their teeth are brushed on a regular basis, and that they undergo frequent medical checks.

Hunting Behavior

We may have domesticated cats and they may be living with us in the comforts of our homes but they are nocturnal hunters who love to play the kill so when they get bored without prey, they like to shred things because that’s how they kill their prey.

But unlike humans, cats don’t get a lot of bones in their diet but sometimes if given the chance will chew on them if not from cat toys then from whatever might happen to be lying around on your floor like shoes for example.

Why Do Cats Chew On Cardboard And Plastic?

Pica is the most common oral compulsive behavior seen in cats. It is when they eat non-edible materials around the house out of boredom or stress.

Sometimes, if a cat eats a lot of non-edible material it could lead to blockages and serious health problems.

Why Are Cats So Fond Of Cardboard?

In their natural habitat, cats tend to be in a warm area of the ground because they are nocturnal.

They are not keen on being exposed to the sun during daytime hours, and so they also make use of cardboard boxes to hide in during the day.

To protect themselves from any cold or rain that may be outside some cats will settle for nothing less than an enclosed cardboard box for disguise and cover even if their owners provide them with a home.

It’s important for cats to feel protected, safe and secure wherever they happen to be; don’t worry if yours spends time indoors only, organic instincts this powerful still make it very important for your cat to build its own sanctuary of sorts no matter where it may be.

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