Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies.

Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies. Cats are in charge of being both the golfer and the voice of reason in your life.

Whether they’re expressing love or demanding their next meal, these furballs let you know how you’re doing when it comes to living up to their expectations.

And while anyone would be hard-pressed to live up to a cat’s standards, learning how to decode their many vocalizations will give the average human some insight into what’s making his or her furry companion purr either way.

Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies

Have you ever wondered why cats scream in the same way as newborns do? While cats usually purr and meow when welcoming you at the door or cuddling with you, this isn’t always the case. It’s fair for a first-time pet parent to be surprised when this occurs because there appears to be no logical reason why these nice and peaceful furballs suddenly start sounding like wailing babies.

Here are a few of the most common reasons your kitty pal might start weeping out of nowhere:


Cats, particularly those with a lot of activity who like people to notice their desire for attention, can easily get a rise out of them by shrills or cries.

This is both a bothersome and endearing habit, but cats do tend to get the attention they crave.


It is no secret that most cats have a propensity for dramatics. They usually know how to persuade humans, even in their cutest form.

Although the sound of a cat meowing may catch you by surprise in the middle of the night, we all know their persistence will eventually wear you down and get you out of bed.

Sure, it’s annoying to be woken up so suddenly and sometimes dramatically, but don’t worry -pet owners everywhere can relate.

Cat Fight

Moving into a new home can be good for the health of a cat. Make sure your pet gets enough feline interaction to reduce any behavioral problems or stress it might otherwise develop.

If you’re worried about your cat’s attention or behavior, make an appointment with the vet so they can examine your furry friend and help source out what may be causing any adverse reactions to its new environment, if any at all.


Another reason your cat may be sobbing like a baby is boredom. Cats enjoy being challenged, whether it’s with new toys or by exploring new territory.

In fact, because of their proclivity for exploration and interest, they are naturally inquisitive creatures.

So, if you leave your pet home alone for an extended period of time without toys or amusement, it can become rather upset.

Is your kitty a true indoor cat? Then he can start sobbing like a baby to express his want for something to play with.


Do Cats Mimic Baby Cries?

According to research, kittens have begun to imitate a baby’s scream in order to appeal to people’s caring instincts, boosting their chances of receiving sufficient care and attention. This includes being fed and loved warmly.

Final Words

This is nothing to worry about. Most likely, this cat isn’t in any pain or danger. Maybe it’s lost and calling for help! Try looking under the couch cushions that’s where we hide our favorite toys from time to time. If you can’t find your cat, play with it during the daytime in your home so it learns to nap there overnight. One night, be sure to leave an old shoe near its bed, and the next morning your problem should be solved.


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