Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep.

Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep. Cats are predators and prey, which means they will seek out safe places to sleep.

While your little one may like to stretch out in the sunbeam from the window, she only does this to preserve her sense of security and that’s by covering up her face.

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Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep

Your purring companion makes sleeping appear effortless. She tends to fall asleep everywhere, whether it’s on the back of the sofa, on top of newly folded laundry, or even in the middle of a crowded room. Nothing, however, puts you at ease more than seeing her with her eyes closed. We’re not saying that dogs don’t need their beauty sleep, but cats appear to be more prone to snoring loudly and dreaming big.

Cats Sleep

Like their wild relatives, domestic cats are habitual sleepers. They spend about 15 hours of their total day lazing around and snoozing.

Other cats can hit the hay for up to 20 hours a day. Physiologically speaking, cats’ sleeping patterns follow the rhythm of daylight and darkness.

When the sun shines brightly and it’s warm outside, not much sleeping is done; when things get dark and chilly, it’s time for a cat nap.

Sense of Security

Besides being both predators and prey, cats crave to push their boundaries as they hunt for anything that resembles a more secure sleeping spot.

Even when your kitty chooses to rest in the middle of a sunny part of the floor, she is acting in her best interest by concealing her face because, without it, she feels near-to-nothing about her security.

Some kitties like to nestle themselves with their heads buried beneath blankets or deposits of laundry around their bodies.

It can be baffling noticing that this erratic behavior somehow creates an illusion of them having escaped any form of danger while they are still out in the open.


Cats have figured out that their face is the most vulnerable part of their body. They are self-aware and take action accordingly.

They can do so by playing with a mouse or something as simple as batting at whiskers on another cat to ensure that they keep themselves protected from any possible threat.

By putting a blanket over their head, cats feel more secure when sleeping because it helps them prevent being surprised by anything while they are resting up during the night.

Light Blocking

Cats like the dark because it’s soothing for them. When you notice that your cat sleeps during the day, you can presume that it is relaxed enough to sleep in a well-lit room.

At night, when your pet chooses to go tuck itself in, it can also be assured of finding a dark area where it will feel more at ease.


Why does my cat hide his face?

Cats have lots of different ways to show their affection for others. Just like anyone else, our feline friends get nervous about certain situations too. While this might be hard to see in some cases, there are times when we do see cats become less tense as a result of something or someone in their environment.

The process of cuddling up with an owner is one good example especially when the kitty being petted finds security from blocking outside light and sound.

Final Words

A cat’s primary source of warmth and food comes from the night. They stay aware during this time because their primary prey is more active during this time as well. Their behavior helps to ensure that they are going to be comfortable, warm, and protected from anything harmful coming from the outer world by blocking out light and sound with their paws in a very common gesture we call “curling up” or ” making a ball”.

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