Why Do Cats Eat Bugs.

Why Do Cats Eat Bugs. Although it might be difficult to believe, cats do not usually eat insects for protein purposes.

Instead, their desire to catch, kill, and consume bugs is a trait driven by their natural hunting instincts.

Why Do Cats Eat Bugs

Cats love to hunt Not all of them get to experience situations in which they get to catch their prey and so many of them end up finding the next best thing chasing bugs. They might find themselves messing with a fly before ultimately realizing that there is no point because it can’t keep them alive as an actual bird or mouse would. Cats are real carnivores, or “obligate” carnivores, which means they must eat animal protein to exist.

Bugs oftentimes don’t supply enough protein for a cat to properly digest, though.

Is It Harmful To Cats To Eat Bugs

Some insects that are hard-bodied like roaches, beetles, crickets, and grasshoppers aren’t toxic to cats.

But ingesting their exoskeletons can irritate your cat’s mouth and gastrointestinal tract. This is another reason why you should keep your cat on a monthly preventive product.

Treatment for cat bites

If a typical bite or sting occurs on your cat, you probably don’t need to worry. Clean the wound with soap and water and apply antibiotic ointment.

If the swelling doesn’t go down, use a cold towel gently to help reduce swelling, be sure to expect that if the bite continues to bug your cat they may have to wear a cord around their neck in order to prevent them from scratching or biting at it.

Poison And Bugs

Most cats are good at knowing what’s safe and what isn’t to eat. Still, if your cat does eat a poisonous bug, it can have serious issues afterward.

A bug might bite your cat first before it’s eaten, causing external problems. Or internal issues might be caused by ingesting a poisonous insect and cause intestinal issues in cats.

If you’re not sure whether or not a bug is safe, examine them for yourself carefully or ask a professional. You can get useful information about bugs from the comfort of your own home through our link here.

Should You Stop Your Cat From Eating Bugs

It’s not often considered a normal activity but in fact, eating bugs is actually quite common among many other animals that behave similarly.

As long as it doesn’t lead to unusual side effects and your pet seems unaffected otherwise, it shouldn’t cause any immediate damage resulting from this behavior.

Why Is My Cat So Interested In Bugs

That’s just what they do. Cats are predators and, to them, watching a bug scurry by or some other small critters go about their business can trigger the hunting instinct.

It’s usually stronger in kittens than it is in adult cats and that explains why many kitties love to chase bugs or intently watch them for extended periods of time even if you don’t see them actually eat any.

Is It Good For Cats To Eat Spiders

Due to their silk-producing glands, spiders are often eaten by cats. In the process of eating the spider, the proteins within its venom get digested and rendered neutral as a result. This is why humans who eat spiders are also fine.

It is possible for a human to be bitten by a spider, but only when stepped on or handled roughly without caution.

If My Cat Eats a Ladybug, What Will Happen?

No, ladybugs aren’t good for cats. A majority of species bite and have a bitter taste that cats dislike; others secrete a toxic goo when there’s danger around.

Additionally, eating ladybugs can cause some abdominal pain or stomach upset to your kitty-cats as they would usually consume one or two insects if at all.

But don’t worry they’re not poisonous and won’t kill cats so you wouldn’t need to rush your pet to the vet but still consult your vet just in case.



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