Why Do Cats Eyes Change. A cat’s pupils have a lens-shaped structure and can shrink to the narrowest of slits or widen into black pools.

The size of the black region representing the pupil appears to be linked across all cats, independent of variations in light conditions, helping them in seeing at night.

In addition, it has rod-like structures that are sensitive to changes in light intensity.

Why Do Cats Eyes Change

In some cases, it may not be immediately obvious when we are sad or ill. However, our animals often give us hints about what’s going on inside of them. For example, the color of a cat’s eyes can sometimes signify that she isn’t feeling well. Changes in eye color can be an indication of a potentially serious health problem.

Why Do My Cat’s Eyes Change Color

Some people take their cats’ changing eye color personally, but don’t worry, in all likelihood your cat has not been having secret affairs with other felines behind your back.

Sometimes their eyes will appear to be one color when it’s another, and vice versa. Well, you’re in luck.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about why this happens and what is going on behind the scenes.

Cat’s Eyes

Few people know that kittens can be born with blue eyes and are actually blind when they are born.

Specifically, newborn kittens’ eyes are sealed shut when they’re first born this is because the light from the outside world would temporarily damage their eyes before they open.

Once their eyes finally open around 8 to 12 days old, their eye color will still be blue and won’t change until between 7 to 10 weeks old.

Unusual Eyes

Some cats have different colored eyes, but it’s most common in white cats especially when they are albinos.

Although heterochromia can always result in cats who are deaf on one side, very few of these felines will be totally deaf although there is a higher rate of hearing issues for any cat with blue-eyed fur or a white coat and heterochromia.

This particular mutation can also come about when their irises don’t develop properly due to injury or congenital defects.

Corneal Ulcers

It is an unpleasant sight whenever a cat’s eyes make their appearance startling. The corny membrane is immediately noticeable as soon as you look at it making the feline’s eyes glow and stand out more.

In order to understand what this layer is, let us have a quick review of how the eye works especially on the structure of the corneal membrane.

The eyeball comprises three layers namely the cornea, iris, and pupil. It is also glistening and transparent which allows for powerful sight even during the night when some objects are harder to perceive.


If a cat’s eyes have suddenly become red and irritated, there could be an infectious condition at the root of this issue.

The Memphis Veterinary Specialists have revealed that the two upper respiratory diseases which are most often to blame for these types of infections are feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus.

These conditions can spread quickly between cats and even result in one not being able to see with their eyes swollen or weeping.

What Does It Mean When a Cat’s Pupils Are Big?

When cats are excited, they’re more likely to let you see how wide their pupils can open and thus how much room for color there is inside their eyes.

The reasoning behind this has mostly to do with the cat’s level of excitement young and playful cats will often dilate their pupils out of delight, whereas a more sedate, middle-aged cat may not dilate its pupils as often simply due to its calm demeanor.

Why Do Cat’s Eyes Go From Round To Slits?

Moons” are a kind of cat’s pupil that can sometimes appear in felines’ eyes. Not all cats have moons, but if they do they usually take the shape of an oval or perfect circle at most. If your cat is sitting up trying to catch moths, then it’s going to have round pupils.

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